These Are The 12 Browser Tabs I Open 5 Days A Week

Posted by on June 6, 2013 at 1:17 pm
It's a lot of them!

It’s a lot of them!

Even though tabbed browsing didn’t arrive until the mid-aughts, that still didn’t stop me from keeping a large number of web sites open at any time growing up on the internet. Writing for FleshEatingZipper professionally, I’ve accumulated even more tabs to entrance me on a regular basis! So, without further ado, these are the 12 web sites/extensions that I have open on a regular basis. For reference: Google Chrome is my weapon of choice.

1. Facebook

Not just to keep up on family and friends (because home is where the heart is, obviously), but to keep the FleshEatingZipper page updated with all of the site’s latest and greatest adventures.

2. Google+

Sure, we’ve thrashed it, but there’s a little light of love on Google’s most ambitious attempt at a social network to date. They don’t have nearly as many active users and it’s hardly a place to get a conversation going that Facebook is, but we still regularly update our page there (and mention it on our podcasts).

3. Raptr

If you follow our page over on Raptr, you’d know we’re regularly updating our content there as well. On top of that, being able to see individual game stats and achievements? Pretty hot!

4. YouTube

Did you know we have a YouTube channel? Yep! Whether it’s checking on stats or just watching a random video, hey, YouTube is an everyday utility beyond its origins as a means to display cat videos.

5. Article Draft Page (WordPress)

I’m always starting, in the middle of or concluding a some article for FleshEatingZipper, so there’s always a tab open to facilitate content production.

6. Stats Page (WordPress)

Gotta know how the site’s doing and which articles are hitting or not.

7. FleshEatingZipper

Usually for reference, I always have our site open to hop in and out of articles or to search for specific references. Also, our site is pretty like a pony.

8. FleshEatingZipper Forums

Hey guys, we have forums! I’m always pecking in there for discussion, whether it’s our articles or just about anything!

9. Gmail

Guys, I get a lot of e-mail and manage three Gmail accounts, so I need this open.

10. Feedly

This is where I get almost all of my news from a master FEZ listing. I wasn’t big into RSS feeds before everyone started crying over the closure of Google Reader, but now I don’t know how I could live without it.

11. Tweetdeck

The other major way I find news is through Twitter. I also love to interact with people through here, too. So much easier when you’re managing multiple accounts.

12. Google Analytics

Jetpack for WordPress just can’t tell me enough, I need to know more about the site’s vitality! For that, I use Google Analytics. It’s here, I can also check on real-time numbers, which is actually super cool to watch.

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