The Nokia 1020 Is A Good Phone, Minus Everything About It

Posted by on July 11, 2013 at 12:50 pm
Nokia CEO Elop was in full PR mode showing off this phone to The Verge

Nokia CEO Elop was in full PR mode showing off this phone to The Verge

Nokia finally brought their show horse out: a Windows Phone with a 41-megapixel camera bolted onto the back., the Lumia 1020. In an age when 12-13-megapixel cameras are cutting edge for flagship phones, this seems a bit like overkill, but it allows for some very awesome photos from a smartphone. It’s great tech, but unfortunately, it’s the everything else about the Lumia 1020 that’s ready to doom the whole thing.

On One Hand, That Camera…

After Nokia went exclusive to Windows Phone, they released a Symbian-powered monster with the same 41-megapixel bulge on the back. The combination was lethal from birth, leading the tech world to cock their eyebrows and mull the bulge’s inevitable transfer to Windows Phone, but this was a year and a half ago.

So what does a 41-megapixel sensor in a smartphone get you? Immediately, far less noise in pictures and better low-light performance – although the latter wasn’t demonstrated in any of their pictures. On top of that, the oversampled image allows you to recompose the shot at any time to create other pictures. It’s plenty cool, but…

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