Waste Your Paycheck Friday

Posted by on September 23, 2011 at 1:59 pm

Today is the day when that hard work you’ve been pounding out all week transforms into physical form on a small piece of rectangular paper. Sure, you can put it in the bank but what fun is that? There are amazing gidgets and gadgets out there begging for an owner! Consider me the adoption agency and you the adoptionee. Let me show you the spread for this week!


Buzzaire – Metered Dose Caffiene Inhaler – $12.99

Is your cup of joe not giving you that jolt in the morning anymore? Sounds like you could use some help from this little guy — an inhaler full of pure caffeine molecules. A deep breath from the Buzzaire will give you around 150mg worth of alertness. Just to give you a comparison, an 8oz cup of coffee has anywhere between 70-120mg of caffeine. If that doesn’t wake you up, you’re probably dead. Last one to inhale 10 times in a row is a loser!


Mangroomer DIY Electric Back Shaver – $25.99

The back is every mans weakness. It’s impossible to get to that one scratch, massaging it yourself makes you look special, and the hair — oh the hair. One day your back is as soft as a babies bum, and the next thing you know your back has become Robin Williams forearm. There’s no simple way of asking someone, “Hey, do you mind shaving my back?” They’ll probably vomit in their mouth a little bit. Well, good news for us men (and gross women), the Mangroomer is here! No longer will you need to ask for assistance to rid that rug off your back — this gadget extends up to three different lengths! I don’t need to give a reason for this purchase, it’s self explanatory.


The Selk’bag – $119.00

This mobile sleepwear system is perfect for the homeless and sleep deprived. This sleeping bag suit was developed in the Chilean Andes, of all places. My favorite part in the description is “Use the Selk’bag indoors for immaculate comfort, or even in your RV, camper, SUV, or dorm room.” Something tells me this company has no idea who their target audience is. Perhaps the CEO said, “You know what, let’s just throw random places someone can pass out from drinking copious amounts of alcohol or other drugs in the description.” Regardless of that, who wouldn’t want to look like an astronaut 24/7? Plus, falling asleep anywhere while being comfortable is a win-win if you ask me.

That’s it for this Friday! Check next week for another round of Waste Your Paycheck Friday because there’s always room for stupid shit in your closet.


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