We’ve Gone Mobile, Well Kinda

Posted by on April 26, 2012 at 2:42 pm

On the first of the year we launched our new website/logo design and introduced comics. That stuff was months in the making and was supposed to have a mobile site as well and also new forum design. Obviously that didn’t happen. I’m happy to say that if you are on iOS or Android the mobile theme looks the way it should, Windows Phone 7 users (all two or three of you) not so much. We use a custom font and it’s not supported yet, sorry.

Everyone else, I’m not downloading emulators to test so hopefully it just works. Let me know if not and I’ll do my best to get it to work.

There are a few bugs that we are aware of:

  1. The link to go to the full site isn’t working, so you are stuck on the mobile site for now.
  2. If you load more articles then click on an article and then go back it doesn’t go back to where you left off. You will have to click to get more articles until you are back to where you were.
  3. Some images aren’t scaling in articles and makes you scroll sideways to see them.
  4. Windows Phone users don’t see the custom fonts we use and text looks bad everywhere.
  5. Facebook comments may look like crap. Not our fault.

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