An Outsiders Look Into Phoenix Comicon

Posted by on May 30, 2011 at 2:19 pm

Ah, yes. Comic conventions — a swarming geekfest typically held at a giant assemblage center where people will dress up in elaborate costumes for no other reason than to be seen. That is exactly what I thought before my eyes were opened to what really happens.


For many, Comic-con (or in Phoenix it’s “Comicon”), is a mecca where anime nerds, tv/movie fans, video game geeks, and of course comic book dorks intertwine in one central location. Sometimes you’ll see the ultimate attendee who falls into every category — they try to hit every panel, play RPG board games, wear at least one costume per day and so on.


It wasn’t unusual to see hundreds of people role-playing all day long.

The Comicon has become such a massively diverse gathering. Regardless of that, you can’t help but sense this chumminess towards each attendee. No one dares to make fun of the other but instead will overtly compliment his or her costume before asking to take a picture. In fact, the more intricate the costume, the more popular that person becomes — where as anywhere else they would be looked down upon for wasting time and money.


Incredibly difficult to get in and maneuver but totally worth it when you can back kick someone who wants to get a picture with you.

Having this be my first Comicon experience ever, going to the convention center everyday was a necessity. Panels were the thing to go to. Some were showcased with well known actors and other panels were located in small conference rooms that never filled up. As you might have seen already, the Max Brook panel was the my favorite. The guy is a nerd, but like me, doesn’t look or act like one. Not to say I’m any better than those who happen to wear their nerdy little heart on their sleeve. I just think of them as brave and ballsy. Yeah, that’s it.

Through out the entire weekend I was subjected to various incidents and images that I’ll never forget. These are just a few experiences that made their way into my life this past weekend.

-Having to restrain myself from interviewing the big names who were staying at our hotel. I ran into so many of them outside of the con. I died a little bit inside.

-Someone asked if I was dressed up as Dane Cook — which I still feel like that was a back-handed compliment. Jerk.

-Almost lost the ability to have children by the lovely little pony pictured above.

-Being threatened to die by katana sword while interviewing a cosplayer has never happened to me before.

-Gave a homeless person an apple after asking for food. Minutes later the man reveals that he was expecting money instead. This doesn’t have anything to do with Comicon, but made the list anyways.

While they may sound like horrible occurances, most attendees were incredibly kind and gracious — especially those who took time to stop and let us take pictures and interview them. We all thank you and really look forward to seeing you again next year! Well, except for the Dane Cook guy. I hate you.

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