P90X2 Will Slim You And Your Wallet

Posted by on August 25, 2011 at 1:54 pm

As a P90X alum, it’s fair to say that I am excited for the next iteration of pain and sweat. The mere fact that the series has blown up across the country and world like a wild fire shows how awesomely it works. For those individuals like me, you’re probably bored of P90X (and P90X+) and want something more…challenging. Beachbody, the mother company that watches over anything P90X related, has just the solution for us — but for a price that might make your wallet smaller than your waist. Find out more after the break!

Purchasing the new muscle confusing program will be a little different than the previous version. When buying P90X, you’ve had only one choice — purchase the set of DVD’s and find the accessories on your own. P90X2 brings you not only a basic flavor but two other bundles that include the necessary equipment.

The Basic Kit includes the P90X2 DVD’s or BD’s (for those with a blu-ray player), the nutrition and fitness guide, and a snazzy calendar with Tony Horton’s half naked body plastered all over it. Price-wise, this will be the most popular bundle. Beachbody has stated before that you don’t need the extra equipment, but let’s be honest — if you’re going to do P90X2 the right way, go balls to the wall out.

With this bundle, you get everything in the Base Kit plus two additional DVDs/BDs — “VSculpt” and “X2 Chest & Shoulders & Tris”; which if you ask me, should be included with the Base Kit but what do I know? The foam roller, stability ball and two 8 lb medicine balls also come with the super uber fancy panted Deluxe Kit. But wait, there’s more!

Holy shit. With the Ultimate Kit you not only get the two additional discs, the foam roller, stability ball, and two 8 lb medicine balls, but you’ll also receive the rumble roller and the Tony Horton Power Stands! All of this can be yours for just one low, easy payment of $299.85 US dollars. Right.

I don’t know about you but I’m put off by the entire “choose your kit” option and its price point. Not to mention there’s no guaranteed digital download for those who invest $360 yet. If you’re an alum like me, buy the Basic Kit and skim for the remaining equipment. If you’re new to the whole P90X craze and think you can just jump on the bandwagon, go for the ultimate so you can do your best and forget the rest — of your mortgage.

Preorders begin September 1st here. Be sure to take advantage of the free shipping if you’re interested because it’ll only be available for those early birders!

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