What the Shit is this that I just Watched?

Posted by on August 18, 2011 at 12:37 am

Seriously. I was going through our website reading old articles and decided to watch I Don’t Wanna be a Crappy Housewife again. I mean she is pretty cute (holla at me sometime Tonje!) so… don’t judge me.

Back to what I was saying I saw they had a new video called What’s The Difference Between a Homie And a Homo so I had to click. I should have known from the beginning with the title card that it was going to be terrible, they ripped off that one band playing that one song wrong, you’ll hear it. This song is an 80’s alt-pop-ish/90’s rap mashup (mainly the beat) that is an absolute train wreck. People complained about Rebecca Black, Tonje Langeteig and Allen Samuels – they are WAY better compared to these two guys. And I forgot to mention, these are the same guys in the I Don’t Wanna be a Crappy Housewife video, wearing the same exact clothes!

So in the video it’s the two guys on a golf course and a roof. There is a guy with rolled up jeans that’s walking like a stereotypical gay guy and they just walk by and throw his clubs. These lyrics just don’t make any fucking sense at all: “I was chilling in my crib, I was pimping my ride, a dude said to me Big J you have to choose sides. I was going to a song contest, I was trying to win, when this dude he came along, he said that I was wrong.”


And the chorus by a chick: “I was chilling out in my crib, I was pimping my ride, this dude came up to me, said you have to choose a side. What’s the difference, between a homie and a homo.”

OH MY GOD, this is terrible.

I’m assuming that is the chick singing the chorus but what is she wearing.

At the end of the video even they are questioning their own sexuality and on a final note, I know music videos are dubbed but doesn’t it look like they hired American’s to sing (or whatever the fuck they call what they are doing) and just dubbed it? Here is the video…

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  • Frankalicious

    It’s a perfect example of what happens when idiots with no talent attempt to be creative.

  • Cardinal Rosso

    Bet you the girl singin the chorus is Tonje Langeteig…The guy in the blue cap is her agent :)