Sons Of Anarchy Season 4, Episode 7 – Things Just Got Real – Spoilers

Posted by on October 19, 2011 at 11:55 am

To say that this episode of Sons of Anarchy was full of surprises would be an understatement.

I said in a previous article that I was thinking of tuning out if the show didn’t sort itself out. I’m here to tell you now that it’s back, with a vengeance.

The episode starts out with Juice praying, as if he is giving confession, then moves on to Gemma finding Unser’s note in Tara’s car.

Naturally, Tara is none too pleased to find out that her life is being threatened and comments that normal people would call the police. Gemma has to remind Tara that they are not “normal people” because, despite Tara being a doctor, she’s a bit of a dumb ass.

SAMCRO gets the nickel tour of the Mayan’s drug packaging facility and, upon leaving, take fire from a group of gunmen in a car. Alvarez, the Mayan president, catches a round and the car speeds off.

That’s the first 5 minutes.

The beginning of the next segment has Jax in hot pursuit of the gunmen. They stop and open fire on him, whereupon he wounds one of them and the others drive away. They promptly return, however, and run over their wounded buddy, ensuring his inability to answer any questions.

More chasing occurs and we cut to SAMCRO’s lot, where Alvarez has been taken so Tara can look at him. His wound is not life threatening so they settle in for some emergency surgery to remove the bullet from his shoulder.

Gemma decides to show the note to Unser who, of course, knows all about it but plays it off fairly well. Meanwhile, the Sons believe it is a cartel who is behind the drive-by. Jax phones them and tells them he has a location on the shooters so SAMCRO mounts up and heads on over.

The Sons get mad tactical and storm the apartment where the shooters went. Things go a little haywire and one of the shooters ends up executing a female before they kill him and find out the shooters were working for a rival cartel called Lobo. In the interim, Tara is questioned by the new sheriff who tells her he got an anonymous tip about the death threat.

We get to see the dark side of the Assistant U.S. Attorney, when he threatens to torpedo the new sheriff’s career if he doesn’t entrap Juice and arrest him. Juice gets busted and released and is naturally scared to death about his impending dry anal rape, either at the hands of the Sons or whichever cellblock wants to line up on him for being a snitch.

Now things get a little nuts. Bobby Elvis calls for a no-confidence vote against Clay. Calls are made to get proxy votes but nobody is answering their phones…Piney is busy loading his shotgun and Juice is sewing the brand new “Men of Mayhem” patch he got from Clay, onto his cut. The scenes flash around, showing everyone preparing to defend themselves against cartel hitmen…….

…And Juice hangs himself.

See you next week.

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  • I don’t believe Juice’s suicide attempt will be successful. It’s a little too obvious. I like the Juice character, but they need to kill somebody off, so It may as well be him. If the attempt fails its just going to be a little bit on the lame side.

  • Get Georgia

    You hear the crack then thud as he hits the ground.  He isn’t dead.

  • Yes, there is evidence to him surviving but…

    He still hung himself.

    We’ll have to see what happens, next week!

  • Dragon34

    why didnt just just come clean in the beginning when he was confronted about his father being black and being setup by the cops. I bet the club would have looked past that and turned the tables on the sheriff, DA.

    • The idea is that the betrayal of him lying to them would result in them putting him out of the club.  Most times, club rules are very strictly enforced and if a member is kicked out, they not only have to give back their patch, they have to give back anything that has the club insignia on it, including tattoos.

      And since there’s only 1 way to “give back” a tattoo, especially one that covers the majority of your back, well…You’re as good as dead, anyway.