The Walking Dead – Season 2 – Episode 2 – “Bloodletting” – With Spoilers

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Carl’s been shot. Rick is flipping out. Sophia’s missing and the world is still turned upside down. That’s where we left off in episode 1.

Episode 2 opens up with a blast from the past and a little taste of the story before the story began in season 1 (which you can catch on Netflix or buy at a local retailer.)

The first few minutes follow Lori having a conversation with what seems to be one of her coworkers about a fight she’d had with Rick…the fight he mentions in the first episode. Shane pulls up and lets her know that Rick’s been shot and is in the hospital, in surgery.

Lori tells Carl and, of course, he’s a fountain of tears.

Cut to opening credits.

I’m somewhat glad they did this. It offered a little bit of insight into what was going on with Rick and Lori before everything went crazy. That’s something I’d been wondering about.

Next we cut to Rick running through a field with Carl in his arms and Shane escorting a fat hillbilly who is directing them where to take the boy to get looked at. Rick spots a farm and makes his way there, under surveillance.

The farm house is home to a doctor who immediately starts work on Carl, letting Rick know that he is still alive but has very faint vitals. The doc and his people get down to business like professionals and start working to save Carl.

Cut to another segment of the group being led along by Daryl, still looking for Sophia. Lori is concerned about the gunshot they heard and brings up the fact that they only hear one and Rick wouldn’t risk firing a gun for a single walker. Daryl recommends they carry on looking for Sophia and, in his own way, tries to comfort Carol.

And now back to the highway where Dale is working on a car and T-Dog is suffering from an infection after cutting his arm, which he finds ironic…Dying from a cut on the arm when the whole world is covered with zombies, because they don’t have any basic medical supplies with them, a problem which could have been avoided if they’d just read my zombie apocalypse survival guide.

The doctor is working on getting the bullet fragments out of Carl, who is awake and screaming in pain, and they enlist Rick to give some blood, despite his freaking out (like any father would) as the doctor is removing chunks of the bullet from him while he writhes in agony. The thought on my mind was that the kid is a hell of a fighter.

Somehow, Shane has transformed back to the voice of reason, telling Rick he has to say at the house to be with his son and letting him know that if Rick tried to leave, to get Lori or for any other reason, he’d break his legs. He also tells Rick he will go find Lori and bring her to the house.

The doctor comes in and tells Rick how bad the situation is. He has to remove bullet fragments which are deep in Carl’s body but time is limited because Carl is bleeding internally. Compound that with the fact that they don’t have the medical supplies they need to keep Carl alive under anesthesia and a really bad situation is forming so Shane and Otis – the hunter who shot Carl – decide to go to the local high school, which was last known to be infested with zombies, to get emergency supplies.

And still, Sophia is nowhere to be found.

That’s a taste of the fist 20 minutes of the episode, wherein the writers and crew do a great job of once again building the tension to nerve-wracking levels.

The story continues to build, with T-dog doubting the rest of the survivors and another zombie biting the dust – but I won’t tell you how or who killed it or who it was trying to eat when it went down. What I will tell you is that Lori is found and told about the shooting, then taken back to the farm.

Also, Dale’s an asshole…just sayin’. Someone should kick him in the business.

Also, also, farmer’s daughter = rawr!

Lori makes it to the farm and sees Carl in bed. Of course she’s upset but I’m glad they went the route of not making her be pissed off at Carl for the situation. The doctor appraises her of the situation and we find out that he’s a vet…not the kind who has been to war, the kind that births cows. I chuckled a little at this point because I should have known. It’s just the sort of thing they do to mess with our heads, those shifty writers!

And they weren’t lying when they said the high school was infested. WOW. The place is crawling with far more brain eating sacks of death-infested pus than I’d ever want to have to get through. Scary! I hope like hell they’re using Hornady’s new Z-Max, PROVEN zombie killing ammunition!

Wow…Daryl comes through again. This kid is really starting to impress me. I’ve liked Norman Reedus as an actor, since I first saw him in Boondock Saints and his participation in this series is turning out to be a real bonus…It’s a good thing Merle was such a deviant and would put his dingaling into anything that moved. You’ll see what I mean.

And it seems zombies like sparklies…you’ll have to figure that one out on your own…and LOL @ the zombie in the FEMA jacket.

The writers left us in quite a pickle at the end of this episode. Shane and Otis…I’m not going to ruin it for you but let’s just say…Shane and Otis.


Until next week!

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