Sons of Anarchy – Season 4 – Episode 11: ‘Call of Duty’ Recap – Spoilers

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Sons of AnarchyEither there is some kind of Rocket Launcher Merit Badge you earn in SamCro, somewhere in-between Leatherworking and Facial Topiary, or RPGs are easier to use than an IPad. This week we’re treated to an episode called “Call of Duty”, which given all the Modern Warfare 3 commercials and the episode content, would make a paranoid man consider it a deliberate product placement advertising whore move. We are building to the final episodes of the season, and both drama and action abound in this episode, but we start to tiptoe on the border of silly in the main action scene.

On an unrelated note, have y’all checked out this article on FEZ?

We begin with Jax and Tara in the hospital, Tara apologizing and Jax promising to get his family out. They seem to be reconciled and commited to leaving SamCro and making a life for themselves. Jax heads off to do exactly the opposite, of course.

Meanwhile, we cut to Gemma and Unser waking up together (making a point to state that Unser spent the night on the couch) to further discuss Clay. Unser wants to rig (unrig?) Piney’s murder scene to point to Clay. Gemma insists on handling things herself.

Back at the hospital, Tara gets a suprise visit from Wendy! (Wendy is Abel’s junky skank biological mother that we haven’t seen for a season or two). Wendy says she’s been clean and sober for years, and wants to get to know her child. These are the kinds of messes you get into with broken families, and Wendy actually seemed pretty polite and at least made the attempt to be sensitive about the whole thing. Tara reacted like a basket case until Wendy left, and then threw a massive fit, rebreaking her arm, slinging blood everywhere, and generally not helping anyone.

Back at the club, Tig confronts Clay about Gemma, and gets blown off, leading Tig to resign as Clay’s second. Two things are on the agenda at the club today. Getting back at Lobos (whom Clay framed for the attempted hit on Tara), and recently discovered information involving a land deal brokered by Georgie. Georgie made a deal with the club that he would keep this land deal from happening in exchange for the ability to continue processing oxygen. Apparently Georgie has gone back on his word.

So, they split up; Tig, Ope and Bobby head off to deal with Georgie, while everybody else, including a few extras from another chapter, and the cartel, go after the Lobos.

Georgie is quickly apprehended, and it appears that he did indeed fail to stop the deal. Bobby cons Georgie into confessing to murdering Otto’s wife and then has Ope and Tig ventilate him…because Bobby promised that he wouldn’t kill him. This whole mess goes back a few episodes, as Bobby told Otto that Georgie was responsible for his wife’s murder already, and that Georgie had already been killed by the club. But the club needed Georgie for this deal, so the penalty was delayed. Potter (evil police DA trying to send everyone to jail, and I mean EVERYONE) uses this against SAMCRO, and it looks like Otto has been flipped. He’s talking terms, and willing to give up the whole club.

Meanwhile, everyone else is busy playing Call of Duty: SAMCRO. They drive out in the woods; all hop out with machine guns, blow away an outpost, and then advance on the main base. While advancing, half of them get stuck in a minefield. It’s a TRAP! Kozik, played by Lem from The Shield, gets blown up by a mine, along with random cartel thug #4. It’s sad because I like Kenny Johnson as an actor, I liked Kozik’s interactions with Tig in SOA, and FX keeps blowing him up with explosives. (They took him out with a hand grenade in The Shield).

Jax’ solution is to call in a supply drop, in the form of the heavy weapons they are hauling for the Irish. They blow the crap out of the invading Lobos with rocket launchers, and mow them all down as they run away. Juice leads the way out of the minefield, and you can tell that not a single shit was given by Juice as to whether he lived or died getting back out.

Everyone joins up back at the club. Chibbs pins down Juice in the men’s room (not that way, perverts) and forces him to admit that the law has been leaning on him and trying to flip him. It’s a half-assed admission, he doesn’t let Chibbs know how deep he is in with the cops, and turns right around and calls his handlers to check in. Juice, I’m afraid, isn’t long for this world if he keeps heading down this road.

Speaking of not long for this world, Opie takes off to pick up his dad, (dead, festering, bloated) Piney, from his cabin in the woods. Unser, who knows all, follows and confronts Opie at his most fragile. In spite of Gemma’s wishes, Unser comes clean. He tells Opie that Clay shot Piney, and put the hits out on both Tara as well as Opie’s first wife.

The drama keeps coming. Watching Lem get gibbed by a landmine was cool, but the action bordered on the unrealistic for me here. Still the best show on television as far as I’m concerned, and I’ll be tuning in next week for the ominously named “Burnt and Purged Away”.

8/10 FleshEatingZipper

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  • Andre

    Great review.  But did Unser tell Opie that Clay put the hit on Tara?  i think he just told him about his father and then brought up his wife.   Either way at this point Opie needs his revenge, LONG time coming.

    • Jeramy

      I’ll have to go back and re-watch, you may be right. thanks!