Ultimate Black Friday Movies, Music & Books Deals Guide 2011

Posted by on November 23, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Concluding our Ultimate Black Friday Deals Guide we present movies, music & books deals that we’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and compiling. You can thank us by picking us up something and sending it our way (Johnny wants more comic book movies, Keith asked for the Twilight movies.) Don’t forget to check out our gaming and tech deals guides. Blu-Ray is getting cheaper so expect those to be really hot this year as well as cheap MP3 downloads.

The big retailers will have great deals on Blu-Rays and DVDs. There are far to many to name so here are some good price guide lines to follow. If you see a Blu-Ray under $15 that you want, it’s a good deal, under $10, it’s a steal so pick those up because they won’t last. DVDs less than $5 a pretty good deals. You will probably see box sets for movies and TV shows discounted as well. The really good deals are more than 50% off the retail price like TV show seasons for $15 when they are normally priced $40. Amazon has some pretty killer deals on Blu-Rays that you can pick up right now.

MP3 music albums will be discounted better than physical copies as well as ebooks. So if you are shopping for yourself check out Amazon for the best deals here for music and here for ebooks. It doesn’t look like Amazon will discount the Kindle Fire this year but Barnes & Nobel will be discounting their Nook to $75 as well as have some okay deals on books and movies.

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