Fear Factor is Back – Sell Out Spotlight

Posted by on December 6, 2011 at 12:18 pm

It’s that time of the month again. No, no, not that time of the month. It’s time to highlight one of our awesome sponsors that keep us up and running in what we call our sell out spotlight. At FleshEatingZipper, we don’t want to clutter our site with ads, whether it’s pop-ups or full page ads that block content. We’re not big fans of reality television with some exceptions, Joe Rogan, I mean Fear Factor, being one of them!

Fear Factor features four teams of two all being told to eat guts and bugs, wallow in blood, climb high towers, jump out of building, etc, all for a chance to win $50,000. This is the only show that grosses me out and while watching the show I often think to myself would I eat that? Um, no, I’ll pass…

Then you have Joe Rogan; comedian, UFC commentator, bad-ass and and original host of Fear Factor who is returning to host the nastiest, scariest, freakiest reality show on TV.

After six years it’s back, starting December 12, 2011 on NBC. More bugs, more guts, more fear and more Rogan. What could possibly be sweeter? Check out the video below!

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  • KloeK

    Hopefully there is hope for other cancelled NBC shows. But Fear Factor left because of low ratings right? It didn’t go out with a BANG.

  • Damon Aldora

    wasn’t able to catch the premier last Monday because I was on a trip to California. I was and
    still am a huge fan of Fear Factor, so I had to see them. Unfortunately I
    forgot to set my DVR before I left. I wasn’t worried because as soon as I got
    back, I pulled up DISH Online, and watched them and they were awesome! I also
    watched the latest episode that showed on Monday on DISH Online. Since I have
    been working for DISH, I’ve had a lot of time to use DISH Online. There are
    many shows available even if you don’t subscribe, Fear Factor being one of
    them. I definitely thought it was great, but I hope its not as dirty for future