Comedy Actors I Want To See More Of: Andy Samberg

Posted by on February 5, 2012 at 6:25 pm

Andy Samberg – This was a difficult one as Samberg hasn’t really appeared in that many films, the only two I have seen being the starring role in Hot Rod and the role of Paul Rudd’s brother in I Love You, Man. Samberg, like Bill Hader, is quite well known in the US, having also been a member of the SNL cast since 2005.The greatest weapon in his arsenal is the uncanny knack he has of combining slapstick comedy with good comedy to achieve very good results. I’m not the greatest fan of slapstick comedy due to its reliance on cheap laughs, doing the obvious and expected thing instead of putting a bit more time and effort into making something you can be proud of. With Samberg, the slapstick element comes in a physical form. As I’m sure you are aware, Andy Samberg has an abnormally wide mouth, and simply pulling faces that emphasise just how big it is, or pronouncing words in a funny way could make even the most stony-faced person crack a smile. Add to this his perfect timing and delivery and we have an all round comedy actor.

All of this is without me mentioning the monumental success he has had with his parody hip hop band, The Lonely Island, a band set up with childhood friends Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaeffer. To date The Lonely Island have released two albums that feature songs that are both funny and have production quality. It’s commonly known that Samberg is the ‘acting talent’ of the group, with cohorts Taccone and Schaeffer concentrating more on music and direction, respectively. The rising stock of The Lonely Island is, somewhat, bittersweet, as with it I foresee fewer appearances by Samberg in films. As a fan of both Samberg, the actor, and Samberg, the musician, it’s hard to say who I would like to see more, but what I do know is, any success that comes his way is more than deserved.

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