Community is Back From Mid-Season Hiatus Finally [VIDEO]

Posted by on March 8, 2012 at 3:59 pm

Check out this awesome trailer that aired during The Soup for the return of Community. I’m glad Community is coming back and not yet cancelled. The staff here has a split opinion when it comes to Community, mainly Johnny hates it and everyone else loves it. Just kidding, Johnny doesn’t totally hate it.

After a heated podcast about the fate of Community Nick and Johnny put down to paper what they thought where Community went wrong and where Community went right.

Johnny had a lot of issues with doing a second Modern Warfare episode. “After the huge buzz about ‘Modern Warfare’ at the end of Season One, the entire show suddenly turned into a never-ending parody of bad TV and movies. Instead of broadening the stories and characters, they just kept trying to recapture the lightning in a bottle that was the infamous paintball episode. The worst of these was the silly ‘Basic Rocket Science’ episode at the beginning of season two when the gang gets trapped inside a KFC-sponsored flight simulator as a spoof of space movies like Apollo 13. They stopped trying to innovate and just kept trying to duplicate.”

Nick loved the fact that they dropped the mope love-drama. “When Community began, the creators tried to pencil it as a loose fit community college comedy. Jokes were based on everyday tropes, people lived somewhat normal lives, we were supposed to really feel bad about protagonist Jeff having to go to college to make up for his lack of accreditation, and people here had relationships. Not just relationships, but ‘friendships’ and ‘love triangles’. Does Jeff love Britta? Does he love Annie? What about that Spanish teacher he’s having such a controversial ‘friends-with-benefits-ship’ with. What’s with Britta and that Von dude? Do we care? No. Not only did this take up a ton of screen time, it also wasn’t very compelling. Thankfully, they dropped it.”

After fans rallied at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, took to social networks and CollegeHumor made a Save Greendale video PSA with the cast, NBC said they planned on making at least the 22 extra episodes they originally ordered. So yay, watch the video below and sit down March 15th and watch Community!

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