Phoenix Comicon ’12 To Be More Affordable

Posted by on April 16, 2012 at 10:50 am

You excitingly fumble with the bag of merch collected throughout the day. It’s gotten rather heavy and awkward. As you inch closer and closer to your final destination, exhilaration is the only feeling that keeps you from falling over. After hours of waiting, the trek has finally come to an end. You wait, thinking the captain will shout “Come!”, but he never does. Instead, you grab your wallet clumsily only to find you’re $20 short for the photo op with Patrick Stuart. You shed a tear of hopelessness and embarrassment as the realization sets in of the last purchase made — one Angry Birds plush toy. Fortunately, this heart wrenching example will not be happenning at Phoenix Comicon ’12.

The Phoenix Comicon will be more affordable this year. Sure, you’ll have to fork out cash for admission, parking, food, comics, and those crazy anime DVD’s that you’ll never speak about in public. However, the wonderful people in charge of the ‘con have reduced the pricing for photo ops with the actors! That means you’ll only be paying $25 (instead of $40) to have your arm wrapped around LeVar Burton. I’d still pay $40, but that’s just me.

How can they do this? Convention Director Matt Solberg says, “Following our 2011 convention, we took the phot op process in-house which allows us this opportunity to reduce prices for our attendees.” Makes sense.

Remember trying to take a picture with an actor at their booth for free? It was like being chastised for being late to class. That’s about to change too as the rules for taking pictures with an actor at their autograph table will be loosened this year. It is now up to the actor on whether or not they would like to charge for photo’s.

All in all, the folks who make this event happen every year are doing their best to make improvements that will enhance every guest and attendee’s experience.

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