Phoenix Comicon ’12 Early Wrap Up

Posted by on May 26, 2012 at 6:54 pm

Last year, the crew from FleshEatingZipper joined forces together for the first time to cover panels, forums and cosplayers at Phoenix Comicon ’11. It was amazing. Since then, we’ve grown tremendously! Needless to say we’ve been putting the majority of our resources into E3 and because of that I’m the only one able to attend PHXCC ’12. The good news — some pictures and a podcast!

Ok, if you didn’t catch the shortest podcast in FEZ history last night, you can find it here. It’s seriously the only podcast where the endless bickering and 30 minutes of ranting is absent. Oh, and my girlfriend (someone who is unfamiliar to this comicon world) gives her take on it.

What I enjoyed about this years comicon was how seamless everything was. I didn’t see any lines except for the autograph area and the only real busy area was the main floor. And even then, I wasn’t afraid of being trampeled on.

What I disliked about this years comicon was the available content. Checking out the main floor was fun for the first few times, but after awhile I’d seen it all. There was only one panel that I was interested in seeing (Capture the dream…on a budget) and it was very informative. Yes, I know there was the Star Trek panel but what’s there to cover, really? It’s just a bunch of old men and women retelling stories about their time on a set. Boring!

Also, my displeasure of how the interviews were handled left a bad taste in my mouth. I got shafted.

Anyways, of all the pictures I took, these were my favorite.

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