Patrick Stewart Boldy Goes On Facebook

Posted by on August 9, 2012 at 1:21 pm

See what I did there with the title? I made a Star Trek joke that clearly has never been played out. Interestingly enough though, Sir Patrick Stewart appeared on Facebook without any fanfare during the Olympics. He must have teleported.

3 Reasons why you should subscribe to Patrick Stewart

The man is a poet. Even when he’s not trying, Patrick’s artistic play with words about everyday, average circumstances are mind melting. For instance, he recently uploaded a picture (above) of his hand next to a slug titled “A slug came to my water trough.” Simple, yet elegant. Also I was unaware troughs still existed (whatever). Or how about one of his status updates, “To date, most of my cherished most of my Olypmic moments belong to men and women I had never heard of until there they were, striving for their nation.” Did anyone else start a slow clap after reading that?

Check out his favorite movies. You’ll find classics like X-Men and X-Men Movies.

His posts aren’t political. Unlike a certain Star Trek actor who shall not be named (because I can’t remember it), all of Sir Patrick’s updates are informative yet creatively written. It’s as if he’s in his own Shakespearean play about him being on Facebook. He doesn’t divulge too much into his personal life which is fine by the entire world — just as long as he continues to post about his upcoming projects. I think that’s pretty cool.

You don’t need a third reason. He’s Sir Patrick Freakin’ Stewart. THIS IS HIS FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

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