Shiny Toy Guns’ Second Single Off III, Fading Listening, Now Available For Your Disco Sensibilities

Posted by on August 28, 2012 at 9:12 am

Get your platforms ready, y’all!

Well, this is different. After a lukewarm first single in Waiting Alone, and a bizarre-bordering-on-corny extended video for it called Loverunner, in which lead vocalist Carah is stabbed and nearly raped (seriously), we get this charming little single. It’s a better single than Waiting Alone was, but it makes me wonder if Shiny Toy Guns is hiding their bold adventurous music, like last year’s “The Sun” somewhere in the album.

Fading Listening is endearing, but it just isn’t strong enough on its own. Not even three and a half minutes long, it doesn’t build much steam. In fact, it hardly builds any steam at all, leaving you to wonder where the hook is. It’s a cloud of disco mist that reminds me of a lot of late-eighties adult pop, complete with the drum machine claps of my youth. The plucky guitar chords and glittery vocals seem to soar right over M83’s territory, but it just doesn’t want to commit. You know what would sell this song? A music video featuring the band in a smoky seventies night club, complete with vintage threads, a soft blur on the camera, and some dramatic fades. Man, that would put me in the mood.

Like I mentioned, I’m seriously hoping that Shiny Toy Guns isn’t holding anything back. I know they want more club/electronic-ready stuff over the guitar-heavy rock out that was Season of Poison, but let’s not pretend we’re getting older.

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