‘The Walking Dead’ Review: Season 3, Episode 6 – “Hounded”

Posted by on November 18, 2012 at 10:01 pm

Why won’t Andrea just leave? Because she wants The Governor’s governor.

The Walking Dead’s shrieking third season rolls on with an awesome new episode. Paths are starting to cross between our two camps and the action is starting to ramp up. Let’s dig in, shall we? As always: SPOILERS!


After an intense exchange in the last episode, it appears that Merle and his crew were tracking Michonne as she left the town into the nearby woods outside ‘the red zone’. Merle leads while newcomer Neil mews and squeals, especially after Michonne flies out of nowhere and cuts half their squad into ribbons. When they meet again, walkers get in the way and a wounded Michonne walks away. Neil is reinvigorated after the melee and wants to chase after her, but Merle wants to cut his losses by saying they lost some good men and leave Michonne to her own devices out in the wilderness. They disagree and Merle kills Neil.

Michonne happens upon Glen and Maggie who are busting into a small store to get formula for Rick’s new baby girl. They’re not there long before Merle arrives and they draw their pistols on him while Michonne watches from behind a truck. Merle wants to see his brother while the power couple want to keep the rather shady Merle there and bring Daryl out to him instead. Merle disagrees and after a scuffle, holds Maggie at gunpoint. He’ll take the two to Woodbury.

Meanwhile, Andrea is getting antsy in the colony and when she volunteers for wall duty, leaps down to tackle a walker with a knife to the eye when her fellow guard can’t get her arrows into him. Andrea wants more of this, but The Governor reprimands her and then, well, they have whisky and start dicking. Because duh.

The Prison

As we open, Rick is talking with a woman from a woman who’s been dialing random numbers. She’s in a place that’s ‘safe’ and he pleads with her to bring his party. No one’s dead there, no one’s turned, no casualties, it sounds pretty great, but negotiations are at a standstill as they demand more answers from him – like details on his wife’s demise – and when he relents, they hang up. Hershel visits him to boost his spirits, but it appears Rick is still in a feral state, something made obvious when it’s revealed that the phone calls he’s having with the distant party are merely inside his mind.

Daryl, Carl, and one of the prisoners are combing through the prison cells when they have a bonding moment over their parents. Carl reveals he shot his mother – a lie, something that he will no doubt have a confrontation with his father about in a future episode. When a walker sneaks up on them, Daryl finds Carol’s knife embedded in his neck and they continue their search, finding Carol depleted in a cell.

Rick emerges from his mental tomb to hold his daughter and the party ventures out into the yard. As the episode closes, he sees walkers banging against the fence, one of them a stranger – Michonne – who blended in with the walkers after a sword slash left one of them to spill his guts all over during the earlier fight with Merle and Neil.


While Rick’s arc isn’t anywhere near done, it’s nice to see he may be near the end of his brooding. Watching the two camps begin to mesh, something that will happen a lot more over the conclusion of this half of the season, is leading some exciting developments.

9/10 FleshEatingZipper

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