Chevy Chase Is On Facebook, Hallelujah! Holy Shit!

Posted by on January 28, 2013 at 12:16 pm
He's nothing but a B.

He’s nothing but a B.

One day while wasting time on Facebook, I was suggested to like Chevy Chase. Sure why not, I thought. He’s a funny guy even if he has been known to be a real Hawthorne. Seriously.

I enjoy “liking” actors or directors who are really good at their craft. It’s an easier way of keeping up on future projects. It also humanizes them. That’s why I liked Patrick Stewart a few months ago and never looked back.

So why am I so entertained by Chevy’s facebook?

Ain't nobody got time for 105 pictures from Fletch.

Ain’t nobody got time for 105 pictures from Fletch.

1. Family Vacation Pictures

The first post I saw from Chevy was an album of family photos. That’s something you don’t normally see with someone’s Page. You’d think he’d post those on a private account. But it kind of shows what kind of person he is.

2. Behind the Scenes

I’m not sure if he’s being nostalgic or egotistical. But since liking his page, I’ve seen pictures from his time before SNL to his latest and greatest. And get this, an album for Caddyshack with over 100+ pictures. It’s kind of weird because it’s not like there’s a social media guru who’s uploading them. It’s all him. And you definitely know when he has a day off.

However there are some great behind the scene pictures from a lot of his films. Chevy has also uploaded some really old footage from shows as well. That’s worth the price of admission.

3. Memes and ecards

Chevy came to facebook late in the game and it’s quite obvious he’s trying to catch up on anything social media. As soon as I liked Chevy, my entire news feed became full of his (awkwardly semi-offensive) ecards and meme postings. It was quite overwhelming to say the least. But you know what, we all have that one person in our family/friend group who does this. You just simply ignore the junk.

He may post more than anyone else in my news feed. He may post more half nude pictures of his brother than anyone else in my news feed. One things for sure; I’ll never have an empty facebook page.

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