‘Independence Day’ Sequels Are Exactly What The World Needs

Posted by on March 27, 2013 at 8:55 am
...but we've rebuilt!

…but we’ve rebuilt!

While we’re talking about Roland Emmerich, the German director revealed that on the precipice of Independence Day‘s 3D re-release in July, back-to-back sequels are in the pipe, although probably further out than we think. Rumored for years, he and co-producer Dean Devlin apparently have had issues securing funding for such movies, which is straight-up bizarre because Independence Day is money.

Apparently, now twenty years after the original film, a particularly exciting moment in my pre-adolescent life, the aliens’ reinforcement buddies have arrived to re-conquer the humans. It didn’t make much sense that the mothership of Independence Day was the whole of that alien race and so it came to be that, nope, it wasn’t. Of course, humans have plenty of alien technology that was left behind as all their ships crashed into the Earth and the humans have worked real hard at rebuilding their urban centers. (I sincerely hope they didn’t rebuild them in the exact same manner just to save money in making the movies.) There’ll be two of these films and they’ll be titled ID Forever, parts 1 and 2. Yes, there’ll be two of the things because the aliens require so much revenge. Bill Pullman is already slated to be back on, Will Smith’s head is probably too big at this point, and if Jeff Goldblum isn’t in here, the world is completely wrong. These sequels will focus on the children that survived the events of the first film after society has become a totally different thing.

Needless to say, I need these movies.

Source: Filmstarts via Total Film

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