‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Beams In New International Trailer, Reveals Some Meat To This Film

Posted by on March 21, 2013 at 9:17 am
Duckface McKirk reporting for duty, sir! Pew pew!

Duckface McKirk reporting for duty, sir! Pew pew!

To say I wasn’t hot for the original trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness would be an understatement. I enjoyed the J.J.’s 2009 film, but their first glimpse at its sequel was far too much flash and far too little substance, which seems like an odd descriptor for a Trek film. Now that we’re reeling ever closer to the release date, Paramount is finally dropping some bigger news on the film’s story beats and, if you pay close attention – and you will – a few frames of Alice Eve as Carol Marcus in her undies.

As the story goes, Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison is an evil terrorist seeking revenge for something that Starfleet brass did, or something like that, and blows up something in London. Basically, it’s Eagle Eye, but with a crazy British guy instead of a crazy, super-sophisticated AI. Kirk is told to stand down, but he defies orders (Oh, that Kirk!) to chase Harrison down, eventually sending the Enterprise spiraling into Earth’s atmosphere and totaling Alcatraz.

The movie’s revealed commentary about terrorism and such, at least as revealed so far, is fine. The Undiscovered Country did the same thing after the collapse of the Soviet Union and that turned out to be the best film of them all. Still, it hasn’t shed the fact that it looks a bit meatheaded for a Star Trek film with all its phaser blasting, CGI, and shaky cameras, but they have my attention now.

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