New ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Trailer Reveals Somber Kirk, Super Enterprise

Posted by on April 16, 2013 at 11:22 am
What a big, uh, ship you have.

What a big, uh, ship you have.

Guys, we’re getting really close to the release of that Star Trek movie, so it makes sense that the release content is hitting a fevered pitch. Building on the last trailer, we’re really starting to see the story come together, piece by piece, before our eyes and that makes me so much happier than the debut tease.

Yeah, I get that the marketing for such a big product-yes, even a huge blockbuster movie-has a narrative arc. I guess I’m beyond the age where some whiz-bang special effects are enough to win me over, which is ironic because growing up, seeing computer animation in my movies is exactly what I wanted to see growing up. Now movies are entirely CG!

Anyway, we’re starting to see that the traitorous/terrorist John Harrison (Cumberbatch) actually has some kind of Death Star amongst dark Starfleet designs with his death black Super Enterprise (not actually named that, at least not from what the trailer’s divulged) and an army to match. Kirk is brow-beaten by Pike, the man he succeeded, and ends up having to humble himself as the Super Enterprise seeks to destroy his much-smaller Regular Enterprise. Bear in mind that this Kirk’s Enterprise is also substantially larger than Shatner’s Kirk’s Enterprise, so that makes Harrison’s Enterprise even Superer.

Now that I think about all this, I wonder if there’s any way this new post-Berman/Braga Star Trek could exist outside the high-budget/high-octane vacuum of these films without being incredibly lame. Something to think about…

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