‘Strip Search’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “Elimination #3”

Posted by on April 2, 2013 at 11:43 am
It's time for the Eliminator!

It’s time for the Eliminator!

A few months ago, Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik (Gabe) had teased about an elimination episode that he became emotional wreck deciding to eliminate a contestant. I’d actually forgotten about it until tonight because this is that episode.

After last week’s Twitter contest went sour for Tavis and Lexxy, the two wound up in the elimination chamber. Drawing “The Areola” and “Circus” from the waste basket, Lexxy look visibly unimpressed by the subject. Tavis had a head start, rushing seems like a trait that’s either his greatest strength or biggest undoing, and it appears that Lexxy would fail to finish. Mike and Jerry’s inquiries and teases as the contestants worked seemed a bit much this time around, but it might have set the stage for what would come during the deliberations.

Personally, I was rooting for Lexxy’s comic. Having previously been on Penny Arcade TV for an interview a few season back, one that she lost out to Erica for, then arguing with Scott Kurtz in the previous episode, I got the impression that the girl was uptight, but her comic was incredibly clever. Tavis had a funnier strip, but it wasn’t as impressive artistically. To me, it seemed pretty clear cut. During the last elimination, I was curious whether the artists could have pulled off a more serious strip and won over Mike and Jerry’s hearts versus a funnier strip that wasn’t done as well. With the result they came up with, it’s obvious that they don’t want the more impressive strip, they want a funny strip that can be circulated better. Less Perry Bible Fellowship, more, well, Penny Arcade.

Mike’s irritation is understandable as the two must pull the trigger on just one winner and at a point, he belts out that Abby should have been pulled from the house and eliminated rather than either of the contestants that Nick chose. They even shut off the cameras as Robert pulls them aside to man up and pick a winner. Ultimately, Lexxy is eliminated because her strip, as I see it, didn’t represent a product they were interested in. They tease that ultimately, she’ll get to work for Penny Arcade after now multiple eliminations from their shows.

But, not today.

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