These Are The Last 5 Movies I Rented On Google Play

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It seems silly to put $3-4 a pop down on a movie rental, but when you’re a few winks shy of falling asleep and sitting in bed, sometimes the best thing is to rent a bloody movie. that said, here are the last five movies that I’ve rented from Google’s Play Store. Check it!

Silver Linings Playbook

I was initially turned off to the movie because I thought it was all about football, which is bor-ing, but then it started winning all those awards. What happens when you get a bunch of really good actors, two playing fiercely bipolar characters, and throw them into a well-directed, heart-warming flick by David O. Russell? Why, this of course.

Before he was a bumbling Mark Zuckerberg, he was a bumbling carny attendant.

Before he was a bumbling Mark Zuckerberg, he was a bumbling carny attendant.


This isn’t a movie that takes advantage of being in a theater, but we saw it in a theater anyway. Before Eisenberg was known for The Social Network and just after Kristen Stewart was known for Twilight, they were together in Adventureland. I wasn’t more than a hundred pages into Stephen King’s new book Joyland, before I had to catch this again, Greg Mottola’s charming tribute to crappy carny jobs in the late eighties.

Before you die you see blah blah blah

Before you die you see blah blah blah

The Ring

I’d actually never seen this before end to end, so I’d already picked up many of the scares. It’s potency as the PG-13 horror film to launch a thousand PG-13 horror films is obvious in retrospect, but seemingly lost to time. The movie oozes style, establishing a creepy mood and crazy visuals, but not enough to compensate for its dreadful story and terrible dialogue.




I must’ve been up late on some kind of Wikipedia trip when I realized I’d never seen this. Ron Howard is all right as a director, but this fanciful re-telling of British TV personality David Frost’s famous interview with post-Presidency Richard Nixon caught my eye. By fanciful, I mean, largely conjectured. Like my favorite film of all time, Amadeus, this is a fictional retelling of real events adapted from a stage play. Langella doesn’t look like Nixon, but both actors turn in great performances as Frost stumbles to crack ol’ Dick in the wake of Watergate.

"They could be starlings..."

Sheer madness in movie form.

Upstream Color

I won’t try and condense my thoughts into an even further butchering of what this movie means, so you can just check out our staff review here.


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