P90X Needs To Kinect With Microsoft

Posted by on February 25, 2011 at 9:53 am

Certain things will always go well together. For instance we have combinations of peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, and of course my personal favorite, ranch dressing on pretty much everything. So why not combine P90X with the Kinect? That’s right. We’re about to get down and dirty on how awesome it would be if there was an actual P90X game that would take advantage of Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral!

It’s Monday morning. Getting out of bed is tough enough let alone finding the energy to work out. You obediently insert Beachbody’s official P90X game disc into the Xbox 360. Tony Horton, fitness mogul who created the popular program, posts an inspiring message every week and reminds you to keep pushing play. The game also shows your progress by looking at the unattractive pictures the Kinect takes every 30 days, giving you that extra motivation to press start. P90X Kinect keeps track of what day you’re on and it looks like shoulders and arm’s this morning. As you delve deep inside the workout, music from a favorite playlist is pumping you up and any laziness you felt before is gone. The Kinect camera records the number of reps you do so there’s no need to write them down. If you do more reps than the previous week, up pops an Xbox achievement.

Thanks for reminding me P90X Kinect.

Oh, it looks like one of your buddies just logged on and is doing shoulders & arms as well! Working out with someone else is always fun, so you invite him to your session. The game implements both of you into a virtual gym on screen where you can encourage one another to get that last rep. Before you know it, the 50 minute workout is complete. You compare stats from last weeks session and upload the information to the cloud where any social network can share it with your friends.

Finish the 90 days already but haven’t the slightest idea what to do next? No need to fret because there’s the option of purchasing several expansion packs including new “XTREME” exercises that will help keep you in tip top shape.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Unfortunately there is nothing like this and I doubt it’ll ever come to fruit. All of the Kinect games that promote exercise and health are extremely limited and suck. This is your time to shine, Beachbody. Shine away.

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  • blargman

    I love p90x and my xbox. I have no kinect but if they came out with this I would buy it in a second.

  • Kracus

    I do P90X as well and I’m starting Phase 2 next week. Frankly if this was out on xbox I’d pre-order it. Tony Horton is the man.

  • blastfamous

    I would kill both of these men if it meant I could own this product.

  • Pcsdetailing

    I am looking into buying xbox 360 kinect to replace my xbox, and I was hoping that was all ready working on this game. I would definitely purchased kinect if P90x was being made into xbox game. There is so many uses for this. It would change peoples lives once again.

  • sirion

    please beachbody. do it!