3 Games Telltale Must Make

Posted by on March 10, 2011 at 2:32 pm

Telltale Games has brought the old “point and click” adventures back to the fore front of gaming. With compelling story lines, memorable characters and fun gameplay, there’s no need to pick up that carbon copy of Call of Duty anymore. Games like Back to the Future, The Walking Dead and Jurassic Park make it only natural to want more from the company that seems to turn everything they touch into gold. Here’s my triage of cinematic adventures that need to be developed by Telltale!

Ok, it’s embarrassing to admit, but I’ve barely touched my Xbox 360 in the last 4 months (I know, I know). But nothing has really gratified that sweet tooth of mine. I’ve been craving juicy exposition, unforeseen plot twists, and characters that I care about. It seems like a tall order that only Telltale can deliver. So, here are my ideas:


1. Dexter

As a fellow Dexter look-a-like, how could this not make the list? Dexter would make a perfect fit in Telltale’s repertoire. I mean, you’ve got a serial killer who also happens to work with the Miami police as a bloodstain pattern analyst. It’s already writing itself.

Plot: Fifteen years before the first season begins, Dexter, is fresh out of school and green thumbing it up at Miami Metro. The game would test your patience at balancing his cover life while trying not to exploit his dark passenger. Choose your dialogue carefully because saying the wrong thing could tip off someone like Doakes. The good news is Dexter isn’t alone. Harry, Dexters well-respected father, can help guide you through problems that cant be solved through the Code alone.


2. Archer

Many have branded Archer the cartoon version of Arrested Development with spies. Who could disagree? The show includes witty rapid-fire dialogue and cast members from AR voicing recurring characters. Toss Telltales quirkiness in and you’ve got a recipe for need I say more?

Plot: Pick a James Bond flick and warp it with topical wit.


3. Fringe

Fringe is one of the most intriguing and underrated tv shows out there. It’s like a hybrid of The Twilight Zone and X-Files. The show follows a fringe division of the FBI where they investigate cases that involve, what else, fringe science. If you’re a sci-fi geek like me, you’re already a fan. Plus they use words like “Fauxlivia” and “Walternate”.

Plot: The story is all over the place to begin with. Piecing together moments off camera and introducing new characters while spending more time in the alternate universe might help answer some on of those unanswered questions.


Honorable Mentions

Lost: Unfortunately, it’s already settled like dust in the minds of everyone. What else is there left to explore? Lost would still be a great point and click adventure though.

Ace Ventura: Plagued by a horrible third movie, an Ace Ventura game developed by Telltale could help save that franchise. Trying to get Jim Carrey on the project would not only be expensive but probably impossible.

Two & a Half Men: In a world where Warlocks and Trolls are in an epic struggle against each other, one man must quest towards Tulsa, OK to win the last vile of tiger blood. There is no losing. Actually, there is lots of losing because at the end, Sheen realizes that he’s crazy. Spoiler alert, dying’s for fools and losers.

Have any awesome ideas yourself? Post ’em down unda.

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