Left Field: Tribes Ascend Announced

Posted by on March 11, 2011 at 10:34 am

Shit’s getting real today, folks. Hi-Rez Studios, the company who brought us Global Agenda, has announced it’s new game — Tribes Ascend. That’s right, that awesome multiplayer game that you played back in high school is now coming for vengeance to the Xbox 360 and PC this year.

Announcement trailer after the break!

It sounds like we can add another title to the FPS craze. I remember playing Tribes 2 a decade ago (ZOMG, I feel old) and being blown away by its expansive maps. And that’s the one thing Tribes Ascend has over any of the other mother fraggers: name and history. But don’t count out the competition just yet, because it’s going to get hot with rampant sequels of AAA titles this year.

While other platforms are being considered, look for a release in late 2011!


Source: EDGE

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