Battlefield Play4Free Has Been Launched

Posted by on April 4, 2011 at 12:54 pm

What do we have here? A new Battlefield game thats free to play? That’s right ladies and gentlemen. EA and Easy Studios have teamed up to create a completely free online version of Battlefield using a modified version of Battlefield 2’s engine. But hold on a second. We’ve all been told by our mother or father that nothing in life is ever free. Well. They were right.

Find out more and a trailer after the break!

Let’s be honest here. The whole “Play4Free” is a load of crock. Sure, you can play against other players online without having to pay anything up front. But if you want to succeed, you best give EA your credit card number because that modded M-16 isn’t going to pay for itself. EA uses the dreadful micro-payment system seen in other games, specifically on consoles.

As far as everything else, the game takes some maps, oldies but goodies, and updates them for the ultimate 32 player combat simulation. I can’t say I’m too impressed by the release trailer though. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spoiled by teasers for Battlefield 3. The thing is, Battlefield Play4Free looks outdated. The animation is stiff and the character models are blander than gruel. The aircraft sequence caught my attention for a split second until I remembered how difficult it is to find an available plane or heli. And when you finally see one spawn, some asshole either gets to it before you do, or they shoot down your plane as you take off. No thanks.

Yo bro, I totally juiced up my profile just so I can get an emote to taunt my enemies. Worth every penny.

Battlefield Play4Free, the unholy result of over saturation and franchise milking, is pretty much like every other facebook game out there. You can play without buying battlefunds, but it’s going to take your forever to level up and excel. That and your mom will ask you to be on your squad. Again.

Take some advice: Save all that money “battlefund” money and put it towards Battlefield 3. Otherwise, you will be disappointed when EA removes the Battlefield Play4Free servers in a couple years. It’s bound to happen and all that money you spent will be lost. And then what?



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