E3 2011: Prototype 2 Trailer, Flawed And Uninspiring

Posted by on June 4, 2011 at 3:32 pm

What do you get when you mix awful voice acting, unoriginal SFX/score, sub par animation and graphics together? A prototype of an independent game? Based on Activisions new trailer, no — you get Prototype 2 instead. Bring some leather to bite down on after the break. You’re going to need it.


It’s that time of year again! You know, when developers fling together anything they can find as quickly as possible to top the competition as they do the same. Well, Activision spares no expense. When I first watched the Prototype 2 trailer, I couldn’t help but wince as “Mister Mundane” gravely blames Alex Mercer for killing his family. Immediately after his melancholic monologue, Mr. M begins to attack an infected creature. As he swipes at the bad guy, my ears could not comprehend what they had just perceived — the sound of a freakin’ proton pack turning on. HOLD THE PHONE. STOP THE PRESS. OK, CONTINUE. Generally, when I think “slicing and dicing”, an unlicensed nuclear accelerator charging does not pop into my head. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

Here’s the sound of a proton pack charging:

And here’s the sound of Mister Mundane’s arm sword charge:

Even though Activision tweaked it a bit, the fact that they borrowed the sound and used it in an inappropriate manner annoys the nerdy-McNerd out of me. Ok, I get it — they own the rights for the Ghostbusters gaming franchise. But does that mean they can rape and pillage it just to gain hype for a less than stellar inFAMOUS rip off? The answer’s no, in case you were wondering.

I won’t get into the horrible animation and graphics because:

A. It hasn’t hit the market yet.

B. There’s still time for improvement. (but let’s be honest, it’s Activision)

Needless to say, the “Protontype 2″ trailer did not impress me at all. The only difference seems to be the infected anti-hero vs the other infected anti-hero. Woo hoo. Maybe I should set my mind frame to 2007 and lower my expectations.

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  • Johnny

    Don’t cross the streams.

  • Just what we need.  ANOTHER super-power-button-masher.  I mean, we all know the gaming world doesn’t have enough of THOSE…pfsht.