E3 2011: Q&A With An E3 Model

Posted by on June 9, 2011 at 10:47 am

Yeah, FleshEatingZipper as a whole are bummed they couldn’t sink their teeth into E3 2011 in person. But that didn’t stop them from creeping underneath all of those fancy announcement trailers! I was fortunate to have a little one on one chit chat sesh with a lovely lady who worked on the other side of the Ubisoft table. And did I mention she happens to be of the opposite sex? Check out the Q&A after the break!

I’d like to introduce to you all a very special friend of mine who happens to be one heck of a beautiful model and talented actress, Michelle Winters!

FEZ: So tell me Michelle, what were you doing at E3? You don’t strike me as the vivacious video gamer. But I’ll be happy if you proved me wrong. ;);)

Michelle: I was hired by a promotional modeling company to work the event. The first day I was working the Ubisoft Pre-Registration Desk at the LA Convention Center. It was my reponsibility to check in press from all over the world by making sure they had the right credentials. The second day I worked the check in at the Ubisoft seminar, this took place at the LA Theatre. The 3rd day I worked at the actual convention, manning several Ubisoft booths.

FEZ: That’s pretty cool! Ok, so assuming this was your first experience at E3 — did you have any idea what you were getting yourself into when accepting this job? What were your expectations?

Michelle: I have worked tradeshows before so I had somewhat of an idea. I knew that there would be a lot of gamers present at the event, but I had no idea how BIG the event actually would be. I spoke to people from all over the world, every continent, every major city. I worked with the Ubisoft team closely; most of the team was French, but there were American’s as well. It was facinating to see citizens from many different countries working together to create such an exciting atmosphere.

FEZ: What was the atmosphere like, besides the smell?

Michelle: Haha, it actually didn’t smell that bad. It was at the LA Convention Center so it was huge! There was exciting lighting, digital effects, video screens, live action examples, CGI effects, and animated demos at countless booths throughout the center. The people visiting each booth were extremely excited and interested in learning about the different products. Some were dressed up as characters from their favorite games, but most were in professional business attire.

FEZ: Were there any WTF moments that you just can’t keep to yourself?

Michelle: Well, the shoes that were part of my uniform were two sizes too big and I was told that I waddled every time I walked… Oh, and Steven Spielberg was at the event; and OF COURSE he visited my booth while I was on my lunch break. WTF!

FEZ: Typical Spielberg. In what way did E3 change your view of gamers, if at all?

Michelle: Well, I always knew gamers are very… what’s the right word… committed to their favorite games. E3 only confirmed this notion, and showed me the great impact video games actually have on the entertainment industry.

FEZ: You need to stop being so kind. These types of people deserve to be trashed all day.

Michelle: (giggle) (Ok, I added the giggle — she didn’t actually giggle. Well, there’s no way to tell if she giggled because it took place via facebook e-mail, but I’m the one in charge of this interview, so she giggled long and hard, OK!?)

FEZ: Did the Halo 4 announcement trailer make you piddle your pants a little bit too?

Michelle: Me? No … my pants stayed dry the entire time. However, I can say with great certainty that across the globe, the trailer is going to give teenage boys wet dreams.

FEZ: For sure, I’m still dripping with desire. If you were in charge of putting E3 together, what would you remove from the conference?

Michelle: I would remove the need to pay for parking downtown.

FEZ: Ezio or Altair?

Michelle: Haha … toss up?

FEZ: Good choice. We’re going to be covering next years E3 for sure. So, where will you be taking me for dinner?

Michelle: … (She didn’t reply, so I’m making up an answer for her) Well, first I’ll be picking you up at your hotel around 6:15-ish. I figured, since you drove 6 hours, you wouldn’t want to drive any more.

FEZ: Thanks. Continue.

Michelle: I’m a desisive woman, I know what I want. So I booked us reservations for that really cool restaurant that earned it’s reputation by having odd hours.

FEZ: Shut up! You have to reserve at least a month in advance!

Michelle: ;)

FEZ: OK. Well, I certainly look forward to E3 2012. Any who, we should probably wrap this thang up. Here is your final question: What was your favorite moment at E3 2011?

Michelle: My favorite moment was rocking out to guitar hero … on stage … by far!

FEZ: On stage? That must have been exciting! Thank you again for taking time out of your busy sched to answer questions our readers have been dying to know. It’s been real. See you next year! (wink, wink)

Michelle: …

FEZ: Alright!

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