EA’s A Business, Deal With It

Posted by on June 13, 2011 at 2:40 pm

Have you figured out whether you’ll be preordering your copy of Battlefield 3 yet? For those who already purchased in advanced, the expansion pack named “Karkand” will be provided free of charge. As a business that is into making money, they decided to leave those who don’t preorder Battlfield 3 behind enemy lines. Welcome to the world where you pay for things. Stop crying like a baby and deal with it.

Holy hell. People across the globe are firing up a huge stink about EA’s recent decision, making the Wallow Fire in Arizona look like a brush blaze. Many believe that they’re being forced to pay for content that should already be in the game. From a gamer’s point of view, sure it sucks — to a certain degree. If you’re stoked about Battlefield 3 yet afraid that it’ll blow donkey chunks, put 5 bucks down for peace of mind. That way if it gets raving reviews, you won’t have to pay extra for Karkand and if it bombs, you’re out 5 bucks.

I get it, times are tough. Money doesn’t grow on trees. But if you’re worried about spending your hard earned money on VIDEO GAMES, then maybe it’s time to give it up and find a hobby that doesn’t make you whine like a little bitch. Try frisbee golf. You only pay once and the DLC is available day one for everyone. I can’t help but feel this sense of entitlement from people. We’re in an age where gaming dev’s have to compete with piracy. How else are the developers going to fend off assholes who steal the game? They need some sort of incentive for purchasing, otherwise the company will either go out of business or stop making great games. Of course that in itself will create another wave of whiners asking what happened to all of those awesome games back in the day. It was you who killed them by boycotting. Congratulations.

I think some people forget that this is an industry of businesses, not 25 year old gamers in a garage. They are here to make money, ladies and gentlemen. That’s how it’s been and that’s how it will always be. Now shut up and let me waste my money on EA.

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  • Dutch

    You know, I get what you’re saying and why you’re saying it.  However EA really brings these allergic gamer reactions crashing down upon itself everytime it pulls stupid shit like this. 

    Karkland DLC is just more of EA’s policy of trying to hinder (and cash in on) the used games market   However the newly announced BF3 ‘Physical Warfare’ DLC offering three-four exclusive weapons, of all the genres in a FPS, I think is the main catalyst for a lot of bitching and backlash.  

    This is also the second time EA has run this gaunlet.  They did the same thing with Bad Company before gamers got pissed off and they ended up backpeddling on it