The Indie Game Quick-Pick Vol. 1

Posted by on August 29, 2011 at 12:58 pm

In a world where Call Of Duty replicas rule the gaming industry, many have been called to stand up for creativity, originality, and humor to develop inspiring or creepy video games. FleshEatingZipper will spread the good word of indie gaming, whether it be awesome or not.

Sometimes simplicity wins over complexity. Sometimes. Today I will be showcasing three different web-based indie games that strive on it’s simplicity. You won’t need a controller or joystiq. You won’t need the latest and greatest graphics card. And lastly, you won’t find violence, sex, or illegal substances in these games. If that sentence didn’t eliminate 85% of our readers, I don’t know what will. I digress — these three games struck a cord with me. Perhaps it’s the odd and unconventional stories the developers wrote. Before I go any deeper and alienate even more readers, let’s jump into the first game!

is it time?
is it time? Yes, it’s time to play the saddest game you’ll ever play. The game reminds me of Pixar’s Up — mostly because you can only use the UP and down key to move but also it’s theme of death is depressing. I won’t give any spoilers away, but the gist of the game is to play out the remaining days of a widow. Talk about a buzz kill, right? It gets better. The creator wants you to feel unloved and forever alone. Why? This game serves as a reminder to spend time with your elder relatives — it’ll drastically improve their life. Otherwise, they may end up feeling like the pixelated version of themselves. Needless to say, is it time? is more of a message to society than a fun, interactive game.

The Man Who Sold The World
Let’s go from depressing to epic! The Man Who Sold The World takes you on a mission to save Earth and the human race from annihilation — that is, if you can provide proof that they deserve to be saved. Oh, it’s one of those games with their silly message. Sort of. The game is inspired by the David Bowie album titled…The Man Who Sold The World. Take that as you will. This game takes me back to the old platform-like Atari days. The only problem is that you’ll need more than 5 minutes to complete the game. That’s not really a bad thing, but I have indie game ADD and I tend to get distracted.

Every day the same dream
Every day the same dream will touch home with a lot of folks out there. It shoves the idea of how monotonous life can be down your throat, humorously. What I like about this game is it’s design. From the moment you start, you’ll notice a clean world with no blemishes and a style that gives that dull/modern ikea look. The music really helps drive the notion of “same shit, different day”. As for the plot, it seems that the character is living the dream — he’s got a home, wife, car, and a job. What more could you ask for? Once you play through the day a couple of times, you’ll explore different ways to live the day out. This is definitely my favorite Indie Game Quick-Pick of Vol. 1.

All of these games show that you don’t need to have a big budget or lame gimmicks to create an engaging video game. These are more thought provoking pieces of art than some of the paintings I’ve seen at a museum. Indie games are becoming popular because of this. People are getting tired of the same game being released every year (I’m looking at you Madden and Call of Duty). Can you imagine what these artists could do with the money and investment that those games get? I think I’ll make a game about that.

Now that you’ve been told, check them out!

is it time? by Jaime Fraina

The Man Who Sold The World by krangGAMES Inc.

Every day the same dream by la molle industria

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