3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Star Wars The Old Republic

Posted by on November 15, 2011 at 9:29 am


A long time ago in a gaming industry far, far away…Bioware and LucasArts joined forces to create one of the most amazing Star Wars IP titles ever. Knights of The Old Republic, which takes place 4,000 years before the events of the popular films, won over many hearts, including my own. So, what makes BioWare’s new addition to KOTOR unworthy? Find out after the break!

You’re probably asking, “Ok, what’s crawled up Keith’s butt again?” It all started when LucasArts destroyed the dreams of many by cancelling Knights of the Old Republic 3 as “part of cuts initiated in 2004 aimed at positioning LucasArts for future success.” Right. I’m so glad they put more time into Lego Star Wars and other great hits that involved Legos. Kudos to everyone. Regardless of how ugly LucasArts has bestowed it’s true self to the gaming community, BioWare and LucasArts are now back together. But is it for better or for worse?

As we all know, Star Wars The Old Republic has been created with a completely new genre in mind– the MMORPG. While many are excited, including FleshEatingZipper’s Rob, I just don’t think it’s worthy of my money or yours. Here’s why:

1. EA’s Involvement/Taint

Would you like to join a mandatory gaming client created by a monopolistic company with horrible customer service, ridiculously restrictive qualities and is not Steam? How about being charged twice for the same game and not being notified about it until a random game appears on your bank statement? EA is a cesspool of non-gaming executives who truly believe Origin will destroy piracy when it will only encourage illegal downloading or disregarding the game. However, SWToR won’t be like Battlefield 3 where you can download it torrently and still be able to play it. Oh no, you’re stuck with EA’s Origin and there’s nothing you can say or do to change that. EA 1, You 0. Thanks to the lovely informative comments, you won’t need Origin to play SWTOR. I should do less research more often.


2. The Art Style And Design

It’s been 7 years since Knights of The Old Republic was released and it still looks like an Xbox counterpart. The worlds seem to lack personality and everything looks duller than Tatooine’s public library. If I’m going to be forking out $15 of my hard earned cash per month, it better not look like a 7 year old Nickelodeon cartoon.


3. The Genre 

I’m no expert when it comes to MMORPG’s, but let’s be honest — there’s absolutely no way SWTOR will be able to compete with WOW. Based on previews of the game, the combat is clumsy, enemies are weapon sponges and gameplay looks about as exciting as watching The Phantom Menace. Yes, I went there. As I step on my soap box and zip up my flame retardant suit, can we talk about how disgustingly gross it is to pay monthly for a video game? Think about it. Allowing a company to take $15 every month on top of the initial price from gamers is like using psychological war tactics. It forces these poor saps to play it 24/7. What happens when EA shuts down the service and the only trophy is the debt they’ve accumulated? MMORPG’s are nothing more than a digital leash that ruins social, work and family living. Plus/soapbox


I want to believe Star Wars The Old Republic will do well because there’s always a possibility that it will spawn a third non-MMORPG sequel. But, I won’t hold my breath.

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  • Me

    You sir are an idiot. 

    • Anonymous


      • Indecipherable01

        Ah, just ignore these people as they are clearly fanbois. And we know how they have huge blinders on their heads as fanbois always do.

        My friend and I have played MMOs for 10+ years. Every major and even not so major MMO has soaked some or far too much of our time. (I started in 1997 with Ultima Online, these fanbois: “Ultima wha?”) We are both huge StarWars fans to boot. We both played the beta for SW:TOR quite extensively until launch.

        We found our time more spent complaining and sending more bug reports and face-palming over mediocre amateur game development than enjoying ourselves, and before you say “It was beta you idiot, of course there is going to be bugs!!” you should just put your horse blinders on and crawl back into whatever isolated cave you came out of in your little fairy-tale land because if  there are a shitload of bugs and crappy game mechanics (or lack thereof of good mechanics) in the last month or two of beta, that sir is a finished product, you would know that if you had any experience beta testing games.  We always try to tell people as beta is winding down, hey, this is a finished product guys, hope you like the current state of things because what you see here is what you get after you pay out the ass for it… “Nuh uhhh, this is beta, it’s not supposed to be finished, NOOB! Go cry MOAR you h8r. Don’t play it if you don’t like it. You obviously don’t like StarWars.”. We just let out a sigh and give a grin, maybe face-palm some more even, as these are the people on this planet we are forced to co-exist with.

        We both failed to find enough reason to invest 60 up front and 15 a month for this title.
        That should tell you something.

        • Ayablade

          You are a Fanboy yourself, just a different type… Regarding the monthly, get a Job to pay for it… lol

        • Rer

          Yeah same here.  The final couple of builds they pretty much took out bug reports so they clearly didn’t want us to report anything.  Still, the handful of us that actually got to the high level content would submit tickets and send e-mails as best as we could.  The e-mails, when you got a response, were actually surprisingly rude.  It’s like they found it offensive that we’d report bugs.

          The forums are even worse.  Honestly those forums might be the biggest collection of really stupid losers I’ve ever seen in my life.  A friend of mine claims it is “as if 4chan invaded MMOs.”  I haven’t spent any time on 4chan, but I assume it’s a pretty stupid place.

  • I don’t usually comment on these things.. but the person who wrote this article should.. you know… do a bit of research before posting utter BS.  You DO NOT need Origin to download or play the game.  I can get that the writer has an opinion.. but just because you don’t like the art style as well doesn’t mean it sucks.  Also, SWTOR is not meant to compete with WoW.. they are two completely different fan bases.  Some will stick with WoW regardless.. fans of Bioware games and of Star Wars will play SWTOR.  And really… you’re complaining about $15 a month.. you’re just trying to find reasons to hate the game at this point.  Many MMOs have or had subscription models.  It’s nothing new.  This article would have been much better had the writer actually reviewed the game instead of half-ass commenting on aspects that don’t really matter or aren’t even true.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Jean-Pierre. FIX’d

    • foxfire1112

      Honestly the fact that u clearly are hating and didnt do research kind kill ur creditblity guy… u had to cross out wrong information u are spreading pretty sad

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    It doesn’t help when the screenshot you decided to post was from probably two years ago. Try doing a little research and find more accurate portrayals of the current game.

    • Anonymous

      Great catch, you got me!

  • Reverandtybo

    What a poorly written article. Regardless of the weak critisicms this guy can’t even write.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, thanks!

  • ahn onymous

    I played the beta version last weekend and have to say that it really was a lot of fun. The storylines and missions are very reminiscent of KOTOR, so if you liked KOTOR, I think you will like this. I don’t really care about issue #1 in your list. For issue #2, I agree it doesn’t look as great FPS or RPGs, but I think that’s due to the technical limitations of the genre. For the genre, I think it looks good. For #3, I played EQ and WOW, and this game tops both of them. I don’t know if it can beat WOW, but it should. To doubters, …I say give it a try. As for the genre in general, …I agree. It saps your time and money. Boy does it do that. You just have to moderate yourself.

  • Yousuck

    Lol @Internet journalists. You sir, should change vocations. What a shitty article.

    • Anonymous

      Lol, I think I’ll continue just to spite you, sir.

  • RavingFanboy

    #1 is valid even though you don’t have to have Origin. EA just makes games worse than they would have been otherwise. 

    #2 is pretty much irrelevant or untrue. Graphics don’t make or break a game, gameplay is what matters and from what i’ve heard so far the story-driven gameplay is pretty compelling and the pvp battles I’ve seen look at least as fun as WoW but made even more awesome because its effing star wars.

    #3 is like saying this new movie sucks because all movies suck and are a complete waste of time. C’mon man, don’t review an mmorpg if you hate mmorpgs. That is lame. Your trick worked getting this article into the google results, but you could’ve come up with a less trolling final point.

    • Personally, as far as graphics go, it’s more the cartoony look of the characters such as big hands, oversized torsos, etc. that I don’t like (thank goodness they got rid of the pringles-can lightsabers), They could have used original KOTOR graphics for all I care and I would have enjoyed it, but I don’t want it to look like I’m playing a Saturday morning cartoon.

  • Spiderpid

    While i agree the combat is definitley dull  , i don’t think anybody is going to play it because of that , whats gonna drive this (in my opinion) is the story  ,i am going to treat this as kotor 3 rather than an mmo i probably won’t stop for the social aspect of the game.
    And while i agree the graphics aren’t to good there a hell of a lot better than most mmo’s out there , infact untill guild wars 2 comes out i think that it will be the best looking mmo out there and as jean said ALOT of mmos have featured sub based models…

  • Ticked Off

    Most worthless review I have ever read. Not going to waste my time flaming this writer.

    • For the record, this isn’t a review, it is an editorial opinion piece. While I (Rob) am very much looking forward to SW:TOR (and the actual REVIEW that will come once the embargo is lifted) Keith is put off by the fact that they ditched KOTOR for an MMO, a genre Keith detests.

      I (Rob) will be posting a contrasting op ed today, to address Keith’s concerns.

      This is what we do at FEZ. We lay it out raw for our readers…some of our writers and editors have opinions which aren’t popular but they are all valid, by virtue of being opinions.

      So check back in a bit to see what I think!

      • Jason

        You apparently also don’t bother to fact check anything. Face it, this article messed up big time. It’s a poor article, and the worst thing you can do as a site is to defend poor, non fact checked, journalism.

  • Damara

    “there’s absolutely no waySWTOR will be able to compete with WOW.”

    Are you serious?  You really think that swtor cannot compete with the Kung Fu Panda expansion? HA!  WOW was done a looooong time ago.  It now is home to 12 year olds and stubborn people who can’t realize there’s a world beyond Azeroth.

    • Damara

      And as a long time player of WOW and lover of mmorpgs, I was thoroughly impressed by the SWTOR beta.  I cannot wait for the full release.  But I’m just a female… what could I know about gaming, amirite?

  • Fdsdf

    LOL, prepare for the hate,

  • Guest

    This is the first, and last time I come to this website….

    • You know you love us.

    • Anonymous


  • Derp police

    Herp derp more. MMOs aren’t worth your time? Go shell out 60+ a month to keep playing the shit you call games (eg, anything console only) we will see who has a bigger wallet and who is over all more happy a year from now. Your opinion does NOT count, want to know why? cause you’re a whiney little shit with nothing but ‘time’ on his hands cause he doesn’t play an engrossing game. Go fuck a cat.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t own a console. But thanks for your opinion anyways.

      • Patricksnow99

        So you pirate games then? The $60 price tag doesn’t only retain to consoles. This article was made to create controversy/hits. Great job, how’s it feel to whore yourself out? Sarcastically good hm? Go on pretending you don’t care. I won’t be back to see your witty/shitty comment. Here’s my spam email to send your spam to.

    • cats everywhere are cowering out of fear

  • Darth Rageontos

         First off, keep in mind EA and LucasArts are publishers not developers so they are not really that involved in the game’s development. They are just providing their money for the game and giving it the ok.
         Secondly, I just got done playing a beta testing weekend and the artstyle and design was way better than WoW which is supposed to be the leading MMO. So I don’t know what Keith has been smoking. He must have never got into the beta or really focused on the gameplay when watching. Also graphics is not what makes an MMORPG it’s quality and gameplay, but the graphics are by far stunning.
         Last, but not least…the combat is fantastic and it plays better than WoW, the animations are smoother and they’re just cooler abilities all in all. Plus it’s a story driven MMORPG not a WoW clone like idiots have been saying such as WoW’s = let’s see how fast we can down these stupid drivel nonsense quests so we can level up faster and get to endgame stuff. And us poor saps must be the gamers and of course we’re going to play it 24/7 that’s what true gamers do and if you aren’t a true gamer than wtf are you posting this nonsense?
         Also if you think The Phantom Menace was boring I don’t know where you’ve been at because that was one of the greatest movies in history as were all the Star Wars Films. Keith I am definitely going to fork out $15 a month because it is way worth it. I’ve played WoW and probablly wasted over five hundred dollars to a game that in the end ruined itself with all the stupid changes and now have kungfu panda as a new race. What a joke. WoW’s dead. Long live SWTOR!

    • Grittenhouse

      you all covered it but to sum up: he obviously hates mmos, so why is he reviewing one; how can you review a game you havent played? i challenge you to get one of the beta keys they are offering, and play the thing. if you dont like it then, that is your opinion. until then, you have no opinion worth reading.

      • Anonymous

        Mind you, this isn’t a review. It’s an opinion piece. If someone wants to give me a key, I’d be more than happy to try it out. 

        • Grittenhouse

          there are keys to be had on numerous gaming websites. they are stress testing the servers in the coming weeks. go get one and try it. and i still say you cannot have an opinion of a game you havent played. play it then say its crap, and that is an opinion.

        • Ah Ha! Strong opinion based article to get a free key….damn I should have thought of that! RATS!

        • Aselle

          Here’s a key to my cock, try it out…. if you like it pay me $15 a month and you can use it all you want.

  • Doodoo

    LOLtastic. 3/10

  • what a shit article


  • “I’m no expert when it comes to MMORPG’s”That is why you should be kicked off that nice little soap box. As a long time MMO player I played over this last beta weekend and while there are a few graphical bugs the game was a blast. This “article” reminds me of a quote…… 
    :what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things i have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no point, and may god have mercy on your soul”

    • Anonymous

      You thought my response was incoherent…yikes. But thanks for the blessing! 

  • Mike

    WoW fanboy much Mr.Keith?

    • Anonymous

      Not really. 

    • Sir

       How can he be a WoW fanboy if he knows NOTHING about MMORPGs?

  • Trollllin

    Lol I’m not sure what is more pathetic. The low quality subjectivity of this article, or the fact that the author that wrote it is now responding to negative comments about himself and chuckling in his as he trolls people that are looking forward to this game.

    It’s not often you find trolls that are actually employed. Nice try tho.

    • Anonymous

      I’d say they’re both equally pathetic. Thanks!

  • Amillion Flies

    kotor felt more like the original episodes. 
    tor is more like star wars prequels. 
    i agree that characters are dull but the audience doesn’t expect much.
    they be like “when you click an NPC then he talks to you”. O.o

  • Blah

    It’s funny how you haven’t gotten a single positive comment about your article. I wonder why?

  • Mgb 123michael

    This kid is a complete piece of shit FAILURE. If you look at his replies to people comments, he is just trolling them even, not even accepting anything.. 

    What a worthless piece of shit website, with horrid people in it… 

    • Anonymous

      Yep, you’re completely right. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  • Arturiens

    accuse EA of having a monopoly then say
    nothing can compete with WOW

  • Robdiesel82

    Nothing in this article is accurate. Origin comments are wrong. Graphics comments are retarded. The graphics are extremely deep from me playing beta. I’m actually buying a new card just to run it on highest settings. Wow has committed suicide, there is no longer any reason to try to compete.

    • Maxim

      “Nothing in this article is accurate”
      “MMORPG’s are nothing more than a digital leash that ruins social, work and family living.”
      That is accurate my friend

  • Blake4382

    If you’re playing a game solely based on how you consider the graphics, I pity you. Graphics don’t make the game. Look at minecraft, look how many damn people play it, look at terraria and how many people play. Those games look like shit and people love them. It comes down to wether or not you find enjoyment in the product. WoW’s graphics look like shit compared to these and they are the king of the MMO market.

    • Mgb 123michael

      That’s so true, hell another game is “tibia” totally oldschool graphics and yet lot’s still play it aswell…

      Gameplay = win.

      How long did people play StarCraft? (one) and loved it.. oh ya, that’s right, up untill StarCraft2 came out, so that’s a very long time…. haha,

  • Boo

    You say how shelling out 15 a month is a waste of money, but then say how it will never trump WoW? I see some conflicting points here…

    • Anonymous

      No, it’s just an observation. 

  • Shut Up Fanboy

    Way to bash a game you know nothing about and a genre that millions of people love simply because you’re too lazy to do your research and too poor to justify spending $15/month for a game.  You must double as a correspondent for MSNBC in your free time.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I wish!

  • Ispas Paul

    Not sure if you are trolling or just missing a brain :o

  • Andy in GA

    Keith Keith Keith…  Understood and accepted that you don’t like the game or what you’re seeing.  But I can assure you that most of what you have in this article that detracts from the game, just is not the case and won’t be when it is released.  That is all that I will (or am allowed) to say.  Give it a chance when it finally opens up.  Then we’ll see.

  • Rik

    This was poorly written and a complete waste of time. These points are based on opinions, and are obviously biased. 

  • Xeikaispam

    Hey,  I understand that you were looking forward to a RPG feature game with KOTOR,  But honestly, your really missing out because the game can be played like a single player experience.  When i tried the beta i was amazed at how interesting the game is to play alone, and how well done all the cut scenes are and how great the voice acting was.  The entire game is voice acted, even the little side quests.  Don’t look at this like a grind fest,  It isn’t, you can complete the game 1-50 by doing the main  storyline quests alone, and by yourself, you don’t have to play with anyone or socialize at all.  But the option to play with others or friends is there.  From what i got my hands on in the beta, it plays quite amazingly like a single player game. 

    Your concerns about the graphics are noted,  But if you turn things up quite a bit the game can look pretty decent,  I run a 460gtx with a 3ghz dual core, and it looked pretty damn good, the cities and worlds are absolutely massive, there’s alot to see and the sheer scale of it all is better than the other 2 KOTOR games.  Now, from reading your article i’m sure you’ve seen MMO’s ruin the lives of some people your close to or know, i know a few people who are afraid to play them cause they fear getting sucked into them, and your entitled to your opinion.  But that doesnt mean that you should shut yourself out of something amazing cause other people cant control their priorities.  Try the beta,  Some sites like etc are giving out free keys,  Just dont knock what you havent tried, you may be pleasantly surprised

  • My

    While i appreciate a different perspective, reviewing an MMORPG and not liking the genre is kind of bias, dont you think? 

    I’m still on the fence about this game, but as far as MMO’s go, its top knotch. Take a look at some other recently released AAA MMO’s in the passed couple of years and you will see the different.

    Also — you can’t expect too much out of an MMO engine graphically because its designed to be as accessible to everyone as possible.

  • Yourmomsuckscock

    You are a fuckn idiot

  • Jesus

    SWTOR isnt a waste of time reading this article however was. I want that time back you dick!!! If 15 bucks a month is too much for you get a better job, quit writing cry baby articles about a game you obviously havent played, and clean that sand out of your vagina!

  • SW Fan

    I enjoyed your humorous article, and a collection of comments from people who take life too seriously. Cheers for the laughs!

  • Fnklsnda

    This is one of the worst things I’ve ever read on any gaming website in years. It’s a wonder that this site has traffic.

    First and last time I ever use this website.

  • Wowsucks

    You sir fail at researching a game before you bash it, try the beta so you can actually play it first idiot

  • Rikalonius

    While I agree EA is a bloodsucking entity, your rant is unconvincing.  You made no real points, and then you have the arrogance to think your need a flame retardant suit, as if anyone is really going to take the time to flame your splatter of unrelated points.  It’s like flogging a dead horse.

  • Bigbibleblaster

    Your opinion. Not everyone will like the game. Not everyone likes MMRPG. Not everyone likes Lucasarts, or EA. But Lucasarts and Lucasfilms did some amazing jobs back in the days (Indiana Jones, most Star Wars games, the good old adventures like monkey island or days of the Tentacle, or Indiana Jones again), so it’s perfectly fine for me, if they play a bit with LEGO.

    I won’t argue about your opinion, but I know people hating some companies like Apple (that’s me) for some reasons (for being “monopolistic”) but you see them with products of other companies having exactly the same politics. I bet you played some games from such companies too.

    And complaining about the look of the game…remember the 80s? When video games were not about looks but purely on game-play, entertainment and joyful joyousness. Looks means nothing if a game feels right. That’s my opinion

    About the genre, you may be right in some way. But it’s a company which goal it is to make money. To keep up such games with all what it involves (server maintenance, expansions,…) I guess, they kind of need the money, first to make money of course, but also to keep the quality at a good level.  Most of us smoke (I don’t)…people paying weekly too much money for some hot unhealthy air. But that’s their choice. So…let them die prematurely while stinking out of the mouth like a 3 weeks old dead body during summer.

    My arguments are invalid, still my opinion…this doesn’t make much sense…

    Good night

  • FEZKeith_Suxors

    This really is a terrible article with very little facts to back it up. The only thing dependable about this article is that FEZKeith will post a weak retort to all the posts slamming his bad article.

    Lets be honest, If you’re not an expert about MMO why would even care what you think? Or your opinions about how TOR will do against WOW.

  • HavenAE

    What do you mean you should do less research more often?

    You actually did research? Doesn’t look like it.

  • Noway


    Obvious troll is obvious.

    Go roll in fire…

  • KissmyAssScarface

    OMG LOL. does this degenerate actually have a job or is this a fake website. Seriously fire this guy now if it’s a legit news site!!!

  • you are a fucking moron, Just saying. YOU HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT THIS GAME. you sound like some retard WOW Fanboi. GTFO gaming and never play a game again please.

  • Haven Swtor

    Really? these are your reasons?

    1. EA’s Taint? You I don’t particularly care about EA, I don’t like or dislike them.  Their origin service as is obvious you won’t “NEED”. Second their customer service isn’t any more horrible than Blizzard/Activision. EA has a bad rep for whatever reason, are they in this business to make money? Hell yes they are what gamedeveloper isn’t yet because it’s EA, Not Blizzard or Microsoft, or Nintendo all of a sudden they are the only cutthroat company in gaming existence.  Monopolistic though? You need to buy a better dictionary learn what monopoly really means.

    Aside from that Origin is no different than Steam or any other such portals, yes they are intended to be deterrents for piracy but as stated the best part is you don’t have to use it so there goes point #1 right out the door. 

    2. You obviously don’t have a clue about graphics in MMOs.  Graphics are horrible? yet look at WoW’s antiquated Cartoon graphics yet you seem to be toting WoW like a rabid fagish fanboi

    3. Yes you need to actually DO research next time you step on your retard box and unzip your flamesuit. Monthly fees bad?  No you aren’t a MMORPG expert far from it, because if you were your would know that there is no real such thing as a Free-to-play MMO.  Even those who tote F2P with item malls the majority still end up spending more in the long run on items than they would with a subscription.  That plus you get better service, bigger more consistent updates and quality of experience with a subscription than you ever will with a free to play game. The MMO industry has proven this time and time again.. Don’t buy it? Go play any of the multitudes of f2ps, Allods, Rappelz, Rose Online, Prius, ect  and so on and then go play a sub based game or even a F2P with a sub option and you’ll see a world of difference.

    As far as the gameplay and everything you’ve “SEEN” all i can say is perhaps you should actually experience the game first, as in actually play it yourself before you go popping off at the gums about things you obviously don’t have a clue on.  I can say that, because I HAVE played SWTOR, and it’s actually very good, old videos from cons and even new videos don’t do it justice.

    As for shutting down SWTOR… Well they have no plans to shut down WAR yet so I think we’re safe.

    My advice to you actually know something before speaking.  Go and actually research (not just jokingly imply that you do) what you want to talk about before you try to pawn your misguided opinion off as fact or some kind of real review.

  • LOL i see why he is mad guys His Names  Keith ……i bet He’s a ginger as well.

    • CrySomeMore

      Insulting his name, run out to things to troll about?

  • He baited me into giving his site a view.  Well played.  Well played.

  • Lkjadlj

    Yawn…so you say its hard to get 15 bucks a month? pfff damn pizza boys no wonder why they hate mmos!


    This was for April fools wasn’t it. Little late.

  • Anonymous

    WoW!! how much change does Blizzard put into the FEZ coppers? You clearly have no business pretending to be a videogame reviewer, youra  crock, you are a big fat phony, Have you no shame, you write an article about a videogame you openly admit you have not even played? Haha what a complete and utter joke you are, atleast your troll was successful, I hope you feel the pride your 5 minutes of fame has afforded you as the only way you will ever see such attention is through such sad and pathetic atempts at pretending to be a videogame reviewer, a reviewer who openly admits he has not played what he has bashed.

    I on the other hand was lucky enough to be a weekend beta tester and although there are still a few things that require tweeking the game is shaping up to be everything and more then what I had anticipated. The problem with KOTOR 1 & 2 is they ended I have spent 6 years waiting for a sequel, now Bioware offers you KOTOR forever, the ability to remain in the old republic as long as you like, to constantly play any storyline, any character and craft and level up and tweek until we recieve a much anticipated expansion, you claim to be a KOTOR fan and then you turn around and complain?

    You Kieth, are a sad attempt at a journalist, a pathetic excuse for a videogame reviewer and an obvious troll,

    and I mispelled your name on purpose Kiethie you sad little troll you, as that is just how little I think of you.

    • Once more, this is an opinion piece, NOT a review.

      I (Rob) also wrote a counter-piece…a different take on SW:TOR.

      Again…this is not a review. As far as I am aware, no reviews for this title exist, currently, because there is an information / press embargo in place.

      We will be posting an actual review of the game once the embargo is lifted.

      Also, I don’t agree with Keith’s opinion on SW:TOR but the personal attacks are unnecessary.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else notice the Blizzard WOW ad to play for free by clicking here hahahahahahaha what a joke, you bias little cheeky sell out.

  • Gfdf

    nice trolling

  • Tekron

    Huzzah you got traffic to your site, shame it will be nothing but bad publicity and people calling you names.  

  • Lololol

    The lulz are strong with this one. Carry on.

  • Trent

    Haters gonna hate.  This was garbage and babble.

  • Argagas

    what a dick head

  • Hemo

    Wow, what a fuck wit,…..

  • Hazl


    I only need 1 reason to try it, ITS STAR WARS, it may or may not be a good game, but again, Its Star Wars.

  • Dont

    . However, SWToR won’t be like Battlefield 3 where
    you can download it torrently and still be able to play it. Oh no,
    you’re stuck with EA’s Origin and there’s nothing you can say or do to
    change that. EA 1, You 0. Thanks to the lovely informative comments, you won’t need Origin to play SWTOR. I should do less research more often.

    lmfaooo really.. guess that explains how informative your comments are… wont bother reading past that.

  • You do know that the monthly fee is for right?  Playing with friends, being in a guild and free updates for new storylines.  Sure there are expansions but they usually add a ton of new content and other game changers and don’t cost as much as the original game.

  • Arbon

    THis is the first article I have read on Flesh Eating Zipper. It is also the last. A half-assed journalist would do at least 5 min of research writing a column. I don’t know what this makes you.  

  • Drewnicolai

    Keep your day job if you happen to have one considering your $15 hard earned comments. I love critically written articles, but you manage to come off like some kind of anti-corporate angry child with as much logic as a looney tunes episode. Well done sir.

  • Sj4521

    Your a fucking douchebag….  whats worst is if anyone actually comes to this forum reading this horse shit.  Wow fanboys like you suck donkey dick side ways and can still chew gum.  
    You have no idea what your talking about.. i played wow for 6 years and beta tested Tor for 3 days and wow cant compete with this game in regards to game play.  Only way it holds up is the 6million gold seller accounts it still has open.
    Get a fucking clue why dont you….  fucking moron.

  • Sweet, if those are the only 3 reasons not to play this game, then this is more like an advertising.

  • Kitana215

    “I’m no expert when it comes to MMORPG’s,”
    No kidding

  • Dashel

    1. This game’s graphics are too reminiscent of a Kotor II and seem to be behind the curve of where computer graphics should be for a game of this magnitude.
    2.  This game is pretty much a WoW clone reskinned with StarWars and featuring some PewPew sounds.
    3.  When EA touches games, it always about the Benjamins, fuck the gamers and this games business model, shitty content and derivative gameplay and features definitely reflect that.
    4.  The NPC’s are still standing around doing nothing. 
    5.  Wait, does the sun ever set in this game?  Nope, it doesn’t and I ask why not?
    6.  This game would like better on an XBOX 360, to be consumed by idiot console gamers.
    7.  Damn game at times felt like a reskinned version of Guild Wars.

  • Some random guy

    It’s his opinion people and we all have a right to our own opinion, however personal attacks are uncalled for no matter how much you dislike his article. Don’t like it then agree to disagree and move on or post a constructive response as to why you don’t agree with it. They have also stated that his article is NOT A REVIEW.

    TLDR : Learn to respect other peoples opinions regardless of weather you like them or not.

    and no I don’t work for this site.

    • This. Thank you (I work here).

    • Woodlandwoods

      Learn to recognize a troll when you see it. The response that he is getting is to be expected.

  • Shericebrisco

    “’Im no expert when it comes to MMORPG’s,”  Not even a novice. He put this up to get hits.

  • Hamittumer

    Irrelevant proof used to force the deterioration of the extremly high attractiveness of the game. It’s like saying, you murdered someone last night because I did not see you not murder him. Stupid. Irrelevant. Bad intent. Poor you.

  • Hamittumer

    I played WoW for over 2 years, and all I can say is, it’s like smoking. First, it gives you a lot of pleasure, then you start to be dependant on it, can’t live without it. In time, you forget why you are even  doing it. WoW is tuned to be addictive on whoever it can get its claws on. It lacks a story line. It’s like a perfectly designed car without tires. the storyline of the old republic is epic. if they can match 60% of WoW’s gameplay, they will lure millions.

  • Maxim

    My View:
    I played the Stress Test weekend. Ive played Wow. And I regularly play Lotro.
    Its the same damn game guys. Its the same damn game.
    Dont get me wrong. I did like it. But I refuse to pay a rental fee on my games.

    So the question here remains .. Is there enough Wow players that LOVE Starwars to make the switch. Because you KNOW .. (passed for first 90 days) no one is going to pay two rental fees. No one has that time on their hands .. right?

  • Mr. S

    People who defend this article keep saying, “It’s just his opinion.” And there is nothing wrong with writing an article purely of one’s own opinion, or even being completely one-sided. BUT, here is the problem with this article: it’s not an opinion worth reading. Not because of what that opinion is, but how it is presented.

    -The opinion does not inform in any way. In fact, it presents misinformation. Errors can happen, but when the article already is missing any information beyond the blindingly obvious, then error actually leaves people less informed than when they arrived.

    -The opinion provides no insights into the game, positive or negative, nor does it provide anything new worth thinking about (EA hate is old news, graphics are subjective by nature, the drawback of MMO fees is obvious). A good opposing opinion doesn’t need to convince the reader to change their minds, but it’s helpful if it provides them with at least something to think about, even if it’s a point to reject for their own reasons.

    -The opinion does not entertain. The jokes are incredibly weak, even if you agreed with them. It has no clever construction. It’s not even a sample of well-spoken criticism.

    So if it doesn’t provide you with any useful info, provides you with nothing worth thinking about, and is not entertaining in and of itself, what purpose does it serve the reader? Unless this is validation of what they wanted to believe, they’ll feel their time is wasted, hence the outrage. You’re going to always get some flaming with a dissenting opinion, but the overwhelming response is not because of the opinion, but how it is presented – not what you say but how you say it. “Three things that worry me about TOR” recognizes personal bias, whereas your title and your content makes it clear you have an axe to grind, and because the article fails as a service to the reader, it doesn’t feel like something that should be linked from Google news, it feels like an inflated Youtube comment or angry message board post. That’s why “it’s just his opinion” is no defense, because there’s nothing to this that justifies this article being here over any other random person with an opinion.

  • lawz


  • Sir

    So essentially you just don’t like MMOs. Don’t taint TOR just because you don’t like the genre. If you have some constructive criticism, say it. If not, why are you even writing about it?

  • Hes

    Poor research for this article … 

  • Gsdg

    lol at all you fanboys, watch as this game plummets, this will only sell to the fanboy tards that would buy anything with the tw/lucas arts/bioware shite..enjoy your sub par game that will offer free subs after they realize its not doing to well

  • Henry C

    EA updated their FAQ today, with Origin being mention as being required to log in and run the game.

  • Dale828

    When people realize that TOR is basically KOTOR 3 with a subscription…it won’t make it. There is nothing MMO about Star Wars and it is a RPG with a sub price. You follow their quests. You do what they want in game. You have no control or direction on your own.

  • Keith Fails

    So basically you’re telling people to stay away from this because its $15 a month, since you listed it in two different reasons? That’s basically saying people should stay away from PSPlus because its $4 dollars a month or Xbox Live at $8 a month. But yet millions of people pay money to be subscribers to either one of those?

    Do some research and come up with solid reasons that people should avoid it, instead of listing one reason twice.

  • Twilit Soul


    I found this on Google, so I’m pretty late to this little party. But it’s pretty hilarious how ignorant you are of the genre and the game itself.
    1) EA used to get a bad rep for good reasons, but it’s no longer the tyrant it once was. It gives the funds to make great games like this happen, and for that, millions are grateful.

    2) The art style is a personal preference of yours. 10 million people still play WoW 7 years later, because the game runs on old and new machines alike and looks good to us while we do it. My friend says he hates the art style, but I and many others enjoy it and will enjoy TOR. And hundreds of thousands of people don’t need a cutting edge machine to enjoy this game, because it’s made for everyone the same way WoW is.

    3) Here’s a hint about The Old Republic: it is by design Kotor III, IV, V, VI…and that friend of mine who hates the art style of WoW was extremely skeptical of The Old Republic, and he went on many a rant about the addictive nature of MMO’s and how it’s ridiculous to pay a subscription. But you know what? He tried the beta, and found that he could have the single-player experience of eight long games for the price of one (initially). Each class has its own fully fleshed out story and unique gameplay. So $60 * 8 = $480. That means you’d need to pay the fee for about two years just to add up to that amount. And within those two years, more content will be added. Maybe an entire expansion. You’re getting what you paid for and more. And the gameplay is admittedly near identical to WoW, so that’s actually one thing in its favor. It has all of the pleasure of WoW with the added awesome of Star Wars. This is the best competitor WoW has ever seen.

  • Undyingvisage

    wait….. this crap actually made it onto google news?

  • lulk

    cool review. see you at launch.

  • Halfhoot

    The graphics are quite good if you turn them up a notch.  The default settings are a little low I’ll admit.  I played for two weekends in the beta and it worked very well.  Very few bugs that I encountered.  I’ve played a number of MMOs before including E&B, Final Fantasy XI, EvE, and WoW.  I believe this will be my favorite for a number of reasons… the main thing being the story.  Take the ever successful WoW for instance… It doesn’t take long before you skip past any quest dialog because it’s the same thing level after level.  Something got corrupted.  Find it.  Fix it.  The characters don’t have a ton of personality.

    I adored the Scoundrel storyline in this game.  It’s amazing… worthy of a good single player RPG quite honestly.  Also the ability to choose replies to group quest conversations and the chance your choice will be selected is awesome.  It makes you really feel involved.  Also the voice acting makes your characters feel much more real that a wall of text on the screen and even the side quests had personality and purpose.  The “kill 10 things” style quests are relegated to bonus objectives of real quests which is quite cool.

    The only downside that I could find so far is the size of everything.  It’s HUGE… so it can take some serious time to travel from one place to another.  I assume you’ll have access to mount equivalents at higher levels though so it shouldn’t be that big a deal later on.

  • GamergirlTOR

    Ok so I am a Fangirl here and love TOR but your article made some sense to me.  While I do not think TOR will be a WOw Killer I do think it will add yet another nail in the coffin.
    Paying monthly is just fine by me.  I have never been into PS or Wii games as I rpefer the MMORPG games where I buy the game and pay monthly fee’s.  To me this makes sense because my money will hopefully be reinvested in teh gorm of additions/expansions.  Every PS3 game my BF has comes to an end without any expansion – unless they release another game.

    Also the sense of gmaing alone is not what I enjoy.  I prefer getting with a group of folks and hitting a boss mob.  I like the aspect of finding players I do not know, group- up ahnd quest together.  I like having a world of players right around me all experiencig the same game.

    Now the graphics:  That pic is a bit old friend.  I have also been in BETA and it has changed from when they first let us in to when they closed beta down.  A lot of changes in fact.  The beta weekend that 2 million pklayers got into was not the full game version.  the customization options were different from what some of us FT teasters saw.

    Lucas Arts – yes I agree they are shady as all hell.  But Bioware is not.  It is a well known and established company that I would bank on more then Blizzard right now. So many are bothered by lettign Hello Kitty in the foprm of Pandas into the world.  I think Blizzard is going to end up regretting their KongFu Panda expanion just as Sony did with the NGE.  THAT is what will kill Blizzard.

  • Stross

    I’m too busy playing BF3 and Skyrim to care about SWTOR and besides if I get hooked to an MMORPG now I’m going to fail all my classes… Origin is shit but it will get better in time. Just wish there was a program to combine the two (steam) so I can have all my games and friends on one interface.  

  • Sir not-appearing-in-this-film

    Bioware= Storytelling and character as focus of development. Blizzard doesn’t, hence you have MMO grind in WOW. Hopefully Bioware can overcome this by using it’s storytelling capabilities to keep the gamer invested in the game. I’d still by it and play it over WOW just because I feel invested in the game I am playing because quest A is a companion quest and I want to get companion A on my good side fore reason x etc. etc…I used to play wow and I never got into it as much as Baldur’s Gate or Mass Effect 2. This “list” is fanboy w*nking over another MMORPG that probably won’t topple the WOW giant anyway. It’s an original and clever way of designing an MMO, to give it a story that is more than; kill 3 wereboars, stab this nasty orc. Repeat 100000x ’till you feel dizzy.

  • Andarthiel

    I kinda agree, I want a true KOTOR sequel not this uninspired MMO drivel. I love SW and Bioware’s games but I think they missed the mark with this game.

    • I disagree, completely. I think they’re pretty close to the bullseye.

  • Anonymous

    I’m no expert when it comes to MMORPG’s, but let’s be honest — there’s absolutely no waySWTOR will be able to compete with WOW.”
    oh for crying out loud, no story will ever be able to compete with Hamlet, so stop reading books, and when Amazon Kindle rules the world you’ll be left with nothing but paper and debts!

    you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about here

  • +1

    I don’t have 3 reasons, because I’m still waiting for the game to install. And that’s mine, how long does this **** take to install. This process is more epic than all the trilogies, present and future. O-M-G! Am I alone in this? Google it and see for yourself. Never, ever, known anything like it. Is the game good? DUNNO! Ask my grandkids!

    • Twilit Soul

      Dude, this article is 5 years old xD

      • +1

        I seized upon the first outlet to vent upon. Pure catharsis TS, the age of the thread is of little consequence to me ;)

        BTW, gave up and deleted the install about 12 hours in. ON 45%!