Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Review. Includes The Story, So Far.

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I think that in order to understand what is going on in Star Wars : The Old Republic it is important that we understand the back story. The events leading up to the game and the time period it takes place in are important because those things also explain why certain thing are the way they are and why the story is – or ISN’T – any good.

Those things effect, in my mind, the plausibility of review scores because, let’s face it, if the game looks good but the story is bunk, that’s a big dent in a review.

So I present to you the review of Star Wars : The Old Republic, along with a very condensed version of the story that got us to where we are now…And even an explanation of where, exactly, we are!

First things first, I’ll go ahead and give you an out. If you really don’t care about the story in the slightest and just want to get to the review so you can decide if you’re going to buy the game or not, click here and you can skip all of this and head straight for the dessert.

If you’d like to dig in to the meat and potatoes which are the story so far, then read on!

OK – First things first. Where the hell are we and what’s going on?! Where’s Darth Vader and the Millennium Falcon and R2-D2 and why are there so many Sith running around?! There’s only supposed to be 2, AMIRITE?!

Actually, that’s wrong. The Millennium Falcon and R2-D2 haven’t been built yet. They probably won’t be for abooooout 3600 years. You see, Anakin Skywalker – AKA Darth Vader – isn’t even a gleam in his great-great-great-great-greatgreat-great-great grandaddy’s great grandaddy’s eyes, the Emperor isn’t Palpatine and the “Rule of Two” hasn’t been created yet…That won’t even happen for about another 2600 years, when a nasty little bugger named Bane becomes the Dark Lord of the Sith and decides to make the rule of two to stop them always killing each other en masse.

You see, there’s an incredibly rich and detailed back-story to account for all of the things which happened in the Star Wars films, some of it created by George Lucas, some by other writers but all of it (with the exception of some rogue authors whose works aren’t considered or included here) is canon and approved by Lucas for inclusion in any work which bears his name or the name of Lucasarts. The story goes back many millenia and then forward, beyond the events of the original Star Wars trilogy, for quite some time.

The marker used for the timeline is, most commonly, the battle of Yavin, during which the first Deathstar was destroyed – with the timeline extending both backwards (Before the Battle of Yavin or BBY) and forward (After the Battle of Yavin or ABY). The events of Star Wars : The Old Republic take place between 3,643 BBY and 3,641 BBY (which makes me think that a major expansion is in the works, to be released within the next 2 years though, naturally, this is raw speculation) and deal with a time period known as “The Galactic Cold War” which began with the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, in 3,653 BBY (bringing an end to the Great Galactic War) and seems to have lasted for around 1,600 years, during which a number of small battles and proxy wars occurred but the Empire and the Republic (The Sith and the Jedi) never got involved in full scale warfare.

Head on over to the next page to find out what’s going on!

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9/10 FleshEatingZipper

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  • Anonymous

    Unless your a fan of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, this game is pretty much a waste right now.  The only thing good it has going for it is the main story.  Even though I have a decent computer, I have to set everything to low to be lag free.  The game looks horrible at these settings.  The UI is awful looking and hard to use coming from someone who has an highly modded WoW interface. 

    I hate that you can not customize your lightsaber correctly.  Everybody pretty much carry the same colors.  The awful looking Black-Yellow or Red.(Sith)  No individuality especially at higher levels when light side and dark side restrictions kick in.  I wish they would have let you choose which ever color you want, even if it means crappy stats.  I rather have a bad-stat purple than a good stat any-other-color.  The black-color and higher stats should have been rare, not the purple, cyan, and whatever normal colors to be more individual.  More choice in companions also would have been nice.

    Neutral items that are forbidden by lightside and darkside users should have been included in the game also.

    I’m going to wait a couple months until I either get a new PC and let them really get into polishing the game.

    • I’m not intending to flame you here but…

      You just told me you dislike the game for 3 reasons…

      1) Your pc can’t handle the graphics.
      2) Your highly modified wow UI looked better.
      3) You don’t like the color of your lightsaber.

      WoW misses you. Please go back.

      • TheBaldr

        Well you are a flame, you you are obviously a fanboy.  You should not be writing if you can’t handle criticism and attack your readers.  Then you threaten to blacklist them on facebook and delete comments just to save face.

      • ACMiller

        Geez, for a reviewer you sure are getting upset about other’s opposing views of the game. This guy just stated his opinion (which is exactly what you did in your review), and you want to tell him to go back to wow? Seems a bit harsh

        • lol, I’m not upset I. the slightest. I’m just saying that if he hates the game so much, why even bother to comment on a review. I’m sure he would be happier doing other things.

          • ACMiller

            Ah, well I’m new to the site, just seemed like a bit of a harsh reply to what seemed to be a fairly innocent post.

            Like I said, I didn’t hate the game, it just didn’t grab me.

          • Yeah, certainly some people won’t be gripped by it.  Nothing is loved by everyone.  I, however am absolutely loving it.  Enjoyed it beta, liking it even more now that I know I’m not going to get reset again :P

            And, like I said, it is certainly more fun with people to hang with.  Some of the heroics are a blast.

  • If you can stomach ancient mechanics, slow paced combat against multiple but horribly pathetic enemies, magic homing lasers, and writing which is just plain ok (its not uncharted series caliber story) And to top it all off force you to do simple standard mmo quests but force you to listen to the backstory of every single stupid squabble.  Then this is the game for you!

  • NoobNurta

    Your comments about queues not being that bad and the longest reported time is 15min is total BS!  I did the prelaunch guild thing and was placed on a server with all my friends and my queues have been 1hr+.  Are you kidding me in saying it’s blown out of proportion?  I just spent nearly 1hr in queue only to get disconnected and am now in queue again.  I liked your article about the story and was with you until you made comments saying people are over reacting about queues.  I don’t know what phase of beta you were in but until November I never endured a queue and I was in beta for MONTHs.  

    • I’m sorry if my statement was taken out of context. What I mean is that I, personally, know people who have reported 15 minute queues. I have heard rumors of queues being much longer.

      That being said however…welcome to an MMO launch. if you didn’t know there would be massive queues it just means this is your first…or you have a bad memory.

      Also, the final stress test weekend, when they let the third wave in…I had a queue but it wasn’t long.

  • ACMiller

    I played in the beta for the last month or two, and I was underwhelmed. Felt largely like a single player game for most of it.

    Not a bad game by any stretch, it just didn’t make me want to subscribe. I have a few friends playing though and if they enjoy it enough I may give it a shot since I didn’t know anyone in beta. Maybe with friends it’ll be more interesting.

    • It is definitely a lot more fun when you have people to group with and run the heroics, etc…

  • Berdugo

    Great review and introductory post for those not familiar with the lore. This was spot on with how I felt during launch and beyond. This is a well polished game, even my girlfriend is enjoying it (this is her first MMO). It doesn’t deviate much from the old MMORPG mold, but being able to outfit your companions and ship makes it feel like you’re developing multiple characters all at the same time. The story on some worlds can get uninteresting at times, even boring, but the scripted instances/conversations with NPCs are fun especially when done with other players. Haven’t reached endgame yet, but with this kind of quality at this point in time, the potential of this game to keep getting better is high.

    Bioware, don’t drop the ball on this one!