Microsoft Xbox 360 Top Selling Console Of 2011

Posted by on January 12, 2012 at 11:55 pm

Bad news for fans of the PS3 and Nintendo Wii…The 360 KICKED YOUR ASSES in all 12 months of 2011, scoring jillions of dollars in revenue for Bill and the boys.

Well, at least according to NPD.

Marketing research wizards NPD have shared that the Xbox 360 outsold everyone and their mother, landing top sales numbers for 12 straight months in 2011 and selling 1.7 million consoles in December, alone, racking up an impressive $6.1 billion in total sales – broken down to $2.1 billion in consoles and $4.6 billion in games – for Microsoft.

We know that Microsoft’s console’s sales were down vs. 2010 in total consoles sold but when you consider the fact that they still managed to land the title of undisputed heavyweight console champion of the world for the entire year, that doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal…at least not to me it doesn’t.

At CES, Microsoft revealed that approximately 66 million xbox 360 consoles are in the wild today, which basically means that 1 out of every 106 people in the world owns one (if we believe census data). That’s a SHITLOAD of consoles out there, and means that Microsoft sold 10 million consoles over the holiday season in 2011. wow.

They have also indicated that the Kinect (one of which we are giving away) has an install base of 18 million units, which means 1 out of 4 xbox owners has one of the nifty motion sensing devices attached to their console. That’s a lot more than we expected when they came out, by a long shot. Hell, now I’m thinking I may even need to get one.

So, again, to all of you PS3 and Wii fans out there; Sorry but it sucks to be you. I’m thinking it’s getting to be very clear who the winner of the “console wars” is, this generation.

Now let’s wait for the next-next gen console announcements at E3. GIDDY!

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