Star Wars: The Old Republic Sales “Below Expectations”, I Cancel My Account, Cats And Dogs Now Living Together

Posted by on January 19, 2012 at 5:45 pm

Twenty-nine days ago, I started my Star Wars: The Old Republic account. Last Night I cancelled it. I had put two days into the game and despite Rob’s enthusiasm and Sam playing it like it was a full-time job, I simply could not get over its overly-obvious MMO trappings to keep playing. It’s just too similar to other games, namely World of Warcraft, to keep investing time in. It wasn’t the first MMO I’d given up on, it certainly won’t be the last.

Today, EA’s stock is down (as if it were having any trouble doing that before) after an analyst stated that his firm is having a hard time getting over the game’s sales and is now revising their expectations on the game’s churn rate, which is the number of players a game like The Old Republic loses over time. An MMO is never a finished product, so there’s always room for improvement. I enjoyed my time with it, I simply found it too derivative of other games that they’re trying to steal marketshare from (*coughWorldofWarcraftcough*). Despite Star Wars’ big brand name and Bioware’s quality manufacture, the game that kills Blizzard’s record-setting behemoth is going to be a behemoth, not an also-ran. If this kind of concern is boiling up not even a month after its launch, I imagine a free-to-play future isn’t that far off.

Source: Market Watch

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