Dan Bull Busts Out A Modern Warfare 3 Rap

Posted by on February 19, 2012 at 9:29 pm

So Dan Bull sent me an email and dropped me a link to his latest video game rap for MW3. I checked it out and this one’s pretty hot.

Maybe even as hot as the Epic Skyrim Rap.


It’s no secret that Dan is a video game addicted lyricist and rapper. It’s no secret that he’s from the UK and it’s also no secret that he’s a honky. It may come as a surprise to you, however, that he is a cat owner.

I’m SO allergic to cats, I had a sneezing fit just seeing him hold the thing, whose name appears to be “Jimmy”, by the way.

Anyway, that’s enough about that. So as I said, Dan sent me an email to his latest rap video and I figured I’d go check it out because Dan seems like a great guy and SOMEDAY HE’S GOING TO GIVE US THE FAT HOOKUP FOR ALL THE FREE PUBLICITY WE’VE GIVEN HIM, NEXT TO PAID ADS FOR GE, FEAR FACTOR, LIPTON, ETC…Right Dan?

We love you, though…seriously.

As I also said, I went and checked out the video and this one is pretty good. I don’t actually think it is as good as the Skyrim rap but for some reason I’m in love with that one. That being said, it’s still pretty damned good. And check out all of the damned kill streaks. JEEBUS!

And we get to hear Dan confess that it’s been “ages” since he’s killed someone.

Time to step up your killin’ there Danny boy!

And that’s it for me rambling, it’s time to get to the video. Enjoy!

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