Draw Something Tips And Etiquette -or- How To Stop Sucking At Draw Something

Posted by on March 25, 2012 at 4:41 pm

With the rise of the mega-popular Draw Something, your best friend at FleshEatingZipper, me, wanted to help you out in your matches. What? You’re fine with continually losing your drawing streak with someone who’s supposed to be your best friend, uncovering deeply-seated communication issues you’ve secretly had for years? Relax kiddo, it’s just a game. Or is it? Well, don’t risk your friendships over it by following our simple tips and tricks!

Start Easy

The best way to feel out your Draw Something co-player is to start with easy clues and work from there. Don’t go with Mozart when you can do Circle. Remember, it’s not just your drawing capability at stake here, but also your general knowledge. Are you hip with pop music? You’re obviously going to miss LilWayne and Beyonce (although the rap/R&B bias of the game is off-setting!) You need to calibrate with your first few games and figure out where your strengths and weaknesses lie before it’s too late!

Don’t Over-extend Yourself

Even on the largest of screens with the most precise of movements, nothing you do in Draw Something could truly be considered art, just incidental. You are coaxing the game into displaying what you’re really thinking. In the example above, I gambled with Hippo, but I know I would’ve had a sure thing with Edge. If you cannot fathom how a clue can get from your brain to the game, don’t expect anyone else to understand what comes out the other end. You may, in fact, be an idiot. Don’t let that hamper your odds. While streaks don’t mean much as far as the game is concerned – and I’ll show you how they are in a second – don’t bet the farm on something y0u can’t comfortably convey. Settle for fewer points and keep the streak alive.

Be Specific, Use That Big Red Circle

When you need to spend a lot of virtual ink demonstrating something, it’s easy to get carried away. When drawing a concert, you may forget the clue is conductor. When you’re drawing Sea World, it’s easy to lose Shamu. Your friends may be bright, but don’t get cocky. Once you’ve established a scene, be sure to highlight SPECIFICALLY what they should be looking for or they will be completely lost.

Use Bombs For Larger Letter Clues

That’s what they’re there for. If someone has handed you what appears to be an indecipherable mess, it probably isn’t, you just don’t have the context as to what they’re getting at (probably because they didn’t help you with the point above). If you can’t figure three- or four-letter clues without a bomb, I can’t help you, but w hen it comes to larger clues, especially eight-letter ones, a bomb can remove all of the excess letters, then you can basically just shuffle them until you get the answer, or something close to it. Don’t lose the streak!

Words Are Drawings, Too

Who said you just had to draw pictures? Whenever possible, cheat. While there’s nothing in the game that guards against just spelling out the clue entirely, that’d just be cheating and hardly any fun. How difficult would it be to do TomBrady without words to contextualize it? Very difficult, and I don’t care how much you love sports.


Okay, so I already mentioned that losing a streak in Draw Something doesn’t break the game, remove points, or otherwise penalize you. It just doesn’t, which is actually kinda weird from a gameplay perspective, but in reality, it’s all psychological. Would a line at your favorite restaurant or theme park be annoying if it were continually moving? No, it wouldn’t. Lines are annoying because you don’t go anywhere or you do it in stops and starts. Losing a streak is just like that, you’re having to stop and start again. It’s demoralizing that what was once 20-30 successful turns is wiped away because of a miscommunication. The more this happens, the less inclined people will be to play with you, or in a greater sense, be your friend at all. That’s right, you could lose friends because of Draw Something. People you thought you knew don’t know you at all. If it’s your spouse, they may un-spouse you. The end result is a horrible reality that you could’ve avoided had you simply read this guide first. There may already be victims, like the Island Of Misfit Toys you see above, who simply aren’t going to play with you, ever. Get rid of those people, cast them away like a graft of dead flesh!

…but anyway, have fun and let us know how we saved your life with this sturdy manual!

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