The E3 Rumor Mill Is A-Churnin’ – Here’s Some Of What It’s Spitting Out

Posted by on May 23, 2012 at 11:15 pm

Every year, the coming of the E3 Expo generates tons of hype and a vast array of rumors and predictions.

As I write this, E3 2012 is only 2 weeks away. The rumors started hitting the internet months ago but the closer we get, the faster they are generated and, at this point, they are dripping out of the woodwork.

I’ve already done an E3 predictions article, followed up by another written by Nick and in many cases our predictions are fairly divergent. Those predictions are based on rumor, speculation and a bit of research, in most cases. The rumors we run across are…well, they’re rumors. We don’t know who started them, or when, or how, but someone started them and once they take off, they spread like wildfire.

So since we’ve already gotten our predictions out of the way, let’s have a look at some of the other unconfirmed goodness which may or may not grace us at E3 2012.

I’m not going to go in to a lot of detail on these, simply because they’re rumors and there’s not any point in writing paragraphs of explanations on stuff that isn’t confirmed by the parties involved. What I will do, though, is tell you whether I think each rumor is legit or a bunch of hooey.

1) According to GoNintendo, Eminem will be helping to promote a new, mature focused game for Nintendo.

  • I’m not sure what to think about this one, to be honest. I mean, I wouldn’t be even slightly shocked to see Eminem promoting a video game but…a video game from Nintendo? I just don’t know. I’m going to say this one is false for 2 reasons. It’s Nintendo and the alleged game is allegedly titled “Acid Ghost” which makes no sense in my alleged brain.

2) By way of Dutch site: N1ntendo, Konami will be announcing 2 versions of a new Castlevania title – Called “Castlevania – Mirror of Fate” – one for the Wii U and one for the 3DS.

  • This one, I buy. Konami has registered 2 different domains for this title so it makes sense. We’ll see what happens but I’m on board with this.

3) The Verge says that the Xbox 360 will get a full on web browser with Kinect controls.

  • I can see this happening. 360 owners have been carrying on about wanting a web browser, for years. Eventually Microsoft will have no choice but to give in and it makes sense to tie it in to the Kinect since that’s their new pet device. I’m going to call true on this one.

4) A new Mario game from Nintendo – This one from Shigeru Miyamoto himself.

  • This came directly from the horse’s mouth…ALLEGEDLY. We’re told that in a statement to El Mundo, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that there will be a new Mario title and that it will showcase the features of the Wii U. Since it came directly from the source, I’m going to say it’s a safe bet we’ll be seeing this.

5) According to an anonymous developer, the Wii U will be twice as powerful as the Xbox 360.

  • Complete hooey. Considering some software devs have commented that they’ve had to scale back development based on the unit not being as powerful as Nintendo claims and the fact that another rumor calls for the unit to have a single 3 ghz, 45 nm processor in it, well…not even close, bub.

6) From…well…tons of places, Microsoft will be announcing the next Xbox at E3 2012.

  • I think this is correct but I don’t think it will be the kind of announcement people are hoping for. I think it will be a video showcasing the new console and some of its graphics capabilities. I don’t think there will be a prototype there for them to “demo” to the press.

7) From…well…tons of other places, Microsoft will NOT be announcing the next Xbox at E3 2012.

  • Balls

And with that, I’m going to call this one, folks. There are so many rumors and so much speculation and conjecture out there that I can’t possibly hit it all so I grabbed some of the bigger ones and laid them out. If anything else NEW and big pops up, though, I’ll be all over it.


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