Skyrim Rises Again With Dawnguard – The Brand New Expansion – Some Spoilers

Posted by on June 26, 2012 at 10:10 pm

MOAR SKYRIM!!! Back into hybernation for millions!

Months and months ago, I wrote a funny little article about Skyrim and what was going to happen when it released. With today’s release of the new expansion, Dawnguard, I figure the women of the world should re-read the original article and prepare for round 2 because things are about to get lonely for them.

So, yeah…Bethesda has gone and released an expansion for Skyrim…

What we know is that the expansion involves an ancient vampire lord named Harkon, coming back and trying to wreck shop all over the place. Harkon wants to use the Elder Scrolls to turn off the sun and the Dawnguard, an ancient crew of vampire hunters, aim to stop him and put an end to his shenanigans.

You, as the dragonborn, are given the option to join the Dawnguard OR become a vampire and join forces with Harkon.

And here’s the spoiler of the day…

You can become a werewolf.

We know that if you choose to become a vampire, you’ll get a unique skill tree with all of your vampy new skills on it so you can level them up and become a super-sucker…We even have a picture of said skill tree, for you to feast your eyeballs on.

To suck, or not so suck…That is the question

And, before you get all crazy on me and want to know more about the werewolf side of things, I’ll go ahead and tell you that, yes, the werewolf character gets their own skill tree, as well and yes, we have a screenshot of it. Want to see it?

Are ya sure?


Ok, here it is.

Vampires and werewolves? Where have I seen this story line? OH YEAH, In White wolf’s “Vampire: The Masquerade” from like 1991! Yeah…way before…well…you know what I’m talking about…*sparkle*

I don’t want to get too deep in to the spoilers but I will tell you that there are some additions to the combat system, new weapons and bunches of other goodies, throughout, so make sure you get this downloaded, ASAP. It’s only 1600 MS points and for more Skyrim, that’s a bargain!

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