Bullet Run Maps Explored – Shanty Town

Posted by on July 25, 2012 at 7:48 pm

What the hell IS a “shanty”, anyway?

Yesterday I published an article in which I discussed a little bit about Sony Online Entertainment’s upcoming multiplayer shoot fest, Bullet Run and showed a video fly through of the Oil Rig level.

Today we’re going to have a look at another of the levels you’ll get to play on, called Shanty Town.

Shanty town is pretty much what its name implies. It is a bunch of run down, ramshackle buildings made out of corrugated aluminum, cardboard boxes, wood and blood stains. This level pretty much looks like a bunch of hobos tried to build a village out in the middle of the desert, including a donut shop, and kinda made it…then left because they decided the place was a shit hole.

While it wouldn’t be a great place to live, it IS a great place to play some bullet run and is full of hiding spots, choke points, long streets and tunnels and a big main drag where long range firefights will go down. It also allows the possibility to take to the rooftops for quick movement, sniping and the ever advantageous high ground position.

In this video we are again joined by Mark Mussler, the lead level designer for Acony studios, as he gives us a fly through of the level and shows us what kinds of things we can look forward to when the best game show in the world takes to the streets of the shanty town!

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