Bullet Run Maps Explored – Oil Rig

Posted by on July 24, 2012 at 10:55 am

Just some random image of Bullet Run, oh yeah!

Sony Online Entertainment is preparing to release a new free to play, multiplayer, first person shooter called Bullet Run, which I wrote my impressions on a few weeks ago. The game is still in beta but it’s going to hit the streets soon and Sony Online Entertainment have set up some nice fly-by videos of a couple of their multiplayer maps, for players to have a look over.

We’re going to show you one of the videos now and I will be dropping another article with the second video, tomorrow. The first video here is a fly through of an oil rig which I have played on and is heaps of fast paced fun. This level has plenty of opportunities for players to take up long and short range combat opportunities outdoors as well as close quarters battles indoors with heaps of blind corners, rooms with overturned tables, mouse holes and plenty of places from which to jump out and make your enemies pee themselves before you shoot them in the face.

The video is narrated by Mark Mussler, the lead level designer for Acony studios and showcases the level wonderfully. Have a nice look at it and enjoy because Bullet Run is right around the corner.

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