Planetside 2 Command Center – With Beta Announcement

Posted by on July 11, 2012 at 2:37 pm

Planetside 2 won HUGE at E3. Check out the talk of the beta!

Sony Online Entertainment has released a new video featuring art director Tramell Isaac and creative director Matt Higby, wherein they discuss the beta, the creation of the game, Planetside 2 at E3 and more.

In the beginning of the video, they interview executive producer Josh Hackney. They said early on that they would be talking about the beta and they sure did. The very first question they ask him (well, after asking him about his cologne) is “when is the beta going to start” and Josh delivered the goods, with a solid time-frame for the beginning of beta testing.

As some may know, they are doing very tightly closed technical testing right now, where they’ve selected very specific users based on the specs of their machines to do a preliminary for the beta to see how it operates under various conditions. After that, they will make some final pre-beta tweaks and when that’s done, the beta will begin.

I’m not going to tell you when the beta will start, however. You’re going to have to watch the video to find out.

After that they talk about E3 and some of the awards and nominations they received. Planetside 2 did VERY well at E3, receiving over 40 nominations and winning over 20 awards at the massive gaming expo. We here at FleshEatingZipper handed Planetside 2 awards for Best Shooter and Best MMO of E3 2012…mostly because it’s HOT!

They move on to talk about the free 45 days of game time in Planetside 1 for ANY former Planetside players, the upcoming infiltrator class of the game (this is likely to be the class I’ll spend the most time playing) and the design of the costumes they used for their models at E3.

Finally, they wrap up with some fan art and call it a day!

It’s a great video or anyone who is waiting for Planetside 2 to come out so check it out below!

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