Goodbye, Nintendo Power

Posted by on August 21, 2012 at 4:19 pm

Mario will live on, his magazine will not.

If you were a Nintendo fan at the peak of their powers (think: late 80s, early 90s), then Nintendo Power was probably a fundamental piece of your gaming experience on a monthly basis. (Mine was PC Gamer, because, y’know.) Equal parts editorial, fan club fare, and strategy guide, Nintendo Power was one of the first major publications for gaming and a model for others to follow, like the official publications for PlayStation and Xbox. Well, times are changing and soon Nintendo Power will cease to exist.

Has it been twenty-four years since Nintendo Power started? Yep. Even as Nintendo’s fame as ebbed and flowed, their magazine has stayed in consistent publication, although I doubt many of the grandparents that picked up a Wii over the past six years have been terribly interested in the print mag. That was for us kids (except me, of course). The publishing business has been consolidating and gaming mags haven’t been any different (it’s kind of a mess, really) with British publisher Future having eventually acquired the rights to publish magazines from all three platform holders. Originally published by Nintendo proper, Future received the rights to Nintendo Power in 2007, the same year it received Sony’s blessing for the official PlayStation magazine from the crumbling Ziff-Davis. (Microsoft gave them the official Xbox rights before the console debuted in 2001.) The word from the bird is that Nintendo wasn’t interested in a print mag anymore, but they also weren’t interested in transitioning the mag to a digital publication, either. As a result of the closure, the staff will reallocated to other Future publications.

Pour one out for an iconic mag; there aren’t many of them left.

Source: Polygon

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