Let’s Playing Minecraft: Trial of the Amiaba Ruins – Part 4, The Finale!

Posted by on August 3, 2012 at 10:16 pm


Closing out the week Nick and I finished Trial of the Amiaba Ruins! Last time we ended up at a giant steel door and this time we ENTER! After setting off the alarms we are told to suit up so we can slay vicious creatures. After barely surviving that ordeal we make our way to a giant maze but, oh no, something catastrophic happens!

Making our way over the maze we get to take a fun water ride where Nick almost drowns. I swear he is the only one that was dying or almost dying! Our burning passionate friendship is enough to free the trapped friends and they show us the way out. It’s just a few levers, oh fuck it. Nick was done and decided to cheat his way through. Then he leaves me behind and tries to get me trapped or blown up. I thought we were friends but I guess it was all a show to get through everything!

Check it out and if you want to play the map then click here to download it.

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