Oculus Rift Brings Us Virtual Reality’s Future’s Past’s… Now!

Posted by on August 3, 2012 at 8:47 am

This seems fine, but I was kinda pining for the red laser tech in the Oculus.

It makes sense, in my mind at least, that if 3D is (thankfully) dying off, then virtual reality should return to take the helm. I’d written as much last year when it seemed like there was no hope. Well, now there is hope, and it’s called the Oculus Rift, and within one day, it smashed its Kickstarter goal. Smashed it.

So bring on the future of virtual reality! John Carmack had been showing off some amazing technology earlier this year and it seems that a mixture of high-resolution LCDs and powerful computing power is finally making the technology viable… again. As promised above, the Oculus Rift promises an immersive experience with true peripheral views rather than the narrow, peepshow-esque angles that VR headsets have been doing for years. But what Oculus is doing with their Kickstarter is actually pretty amazing: they aren’t just pushing headsets, they’re pushing development kits so that game makers can start taking advantage of this new platform immediately so consumers can actually have a lineup worth bragging about.

Because of its open nature, PC games will be the first to take advantage of the hardware (hopefully next-gen consoles could hop on-board?), and higher Kickstarter tiers actually include the first major title to support it: Doom 3: BFG Edition. While you’ll need to pledge at least $250 to get even a prototype headset, it seems like a fair price for what could be an awesome new generation of display tech.

Source: Kickstarter

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