Planetary Annihilation Hits Kickstarter: Mega RTS Action From The Guys Who Made The Genre

Posted by on August 16, 2012 at 9:06 am

Now, to take my moon base and CRASH IT RIGHT INTO THIS WORLD.

If you’ll remember, there was once a golden age of real-time strategy games. Command & Conquer, StarCraft, Total Annihilation, and my personal favorite, Rise of Nations, toward the end. But it seems that the well went dry and all that talent moved onto different stuff. Some of those minds collected at Uber Entertainment, who’ve recently given us Monday Night Combat. But now they want to go back to their roots with interplanetary action. And you can invest right now.

Imagine a strategy game in which you play over several worlds and matches last hours, or even a full day? That’s what Uber wants to bring. By helping them hit their goal of $900,000 dollars, they will produce a game in which you can colonize an asteroid, build large rockets on it, and then fling it at another planet where matches are going on. Much of what’s being built is actually based on Supreme Commander’s foundations (at least, in a philosophical sense), which couldn’t have appealed to me less. Building a bunch of ant units and then shuffling them against other armies of ants was the farthest thing from interesting to me when I played it. But at some level, there’s some promise of macro-strategic supply coverage so you spend far less time micromanaging your ants and far more time building your industry and letting them stream units to nearby planets. Being able to launch yourself onto new worlds is a fantastic way to extend the game, especially since the planets are randomly generated.

Well, I’m hopeful at the very least. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter, hopefully they can bring some life back to this genre.

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