Skyrim’s Hearthfire Expansion? I Don’t Have Time For This Sh*t

Posted by on August 28, 2012 at 10:29 pm

Reticulating dragonborns…

Oh, silly Bethesda! Skyrim already takes an aggressive amount out of my jam-packed day. Now you’re trying to implement what made the Sims addicting into your Elder Scrolls game? Damn you, Bethesda. Damn you…

Who doesn’t love a good addiction, right? Some are healthy, some aren’t. I’d definitely set Bethesda’s new add on under “Meth-like addiction”. Not that I’ve done meth before, but I like to think it’s comparable and that my teeth will look equally bad. Rotten teeth aside, it took me long enough to end the Sims addiction and now “Big Beth” want to bring aspects of what ruined my social life to an already mind-craving game? Uh, no thanks. I’ll sit this one out.

You haven’t seen the trailer, have you? Prepare to be amazed or uninspired.

Did you see the fully furnished houses with trophies, armor, and detailed arrangements? Well, get a good look at it because your love shack will never look that amazing. Seriously, do you realize how much time it will take to build a house that doesn’t look like it belongs in a small African village? Then you have the marriage and the children and the what have you nots. Listen Bethesda, I don’t want to pretend that hard. Put me amidst a fascinating story with great characters and solid gameplay. Don’t play with my addictions and make Skyrim into the Sims.

Anyways, I’ll be playing it alongside everyone else this September.

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