Stop The Press! Train Simulator 2013 Announced

Posted by on August 15, 2012 at 11:18 am

Train Simulator 2013 – Pushing simulation boundaries from dull to slightly interesting.

You thought Train Simulator 2012 had everything you wanted in a realistic train simulator, didn’t you? Think again. The sequel to the award-winning train simulation game (Train Simulator 2013, duh) will spread its seed worldwide September 20th. Ride out with me!

Many have wondered what could be so darned fun about driving a train? Looking from a video gamers point of view, it’s not fun at all. I mean, you’re stuck on a friggin’ railroad and you can only go two directions – forwards and backwards. What about these so called scenarios? How random and new can they really get? “It looks like I’ll need to pick up some passengers at Station D. Well, that’s no problem. I was going that way anyways.”

So what’s included and boasted in the new iteration besides improved graphics new routes and simpler controls? First of all, they’re promising that it’s the most advanced train simulator in the world. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. Train Simulator ’13 will allow players to use the Xbox 360 controller making it slightly more interesting. It also looks like there’s a form of multiplayer called Relay Play, where players can combine forces to finish scenarios. In addition to all that crap, players will be able to create their own content with Steam Workshop.

I’m not sure how exciting the most advanced train simulator will be. Regardless, the game is starting to develop nicely and I can’t wait to derail with thousands of passengers aboard.

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